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By teal_dx
#20078 If you're here specifically for the How-To's, Here's a list so you don't have to search the entire site 8)
This list will continue to grow, if anyone has anything to add, post a link to the thread.

How to change a Head Gasket (D-Series) by teal_dx
How to change a Head Gasket (B-Series) by foxtuning65
Removing Motor through the Bottom by teal_dx
Mini-Me Swap by teal_dx
Swapping in a new block by ChicagoMike
How to determine Bearing sizes (Main & Rod) by teal_dx
B18c swap by JDM-Chick
Port Matching by teal_dx
DIY Solid Mounts by teal_dx
Painting your Oil Pan by teal_dx
Starting a new motor for the first time by teal_dx
Over Heating Problems by teal_dx
B18 swap by Boosted_cx
H22 swap by teal_dx
K swap parts by teal_dx
K swap info by teal_dx
Removing your intake manifold by Ej2-B16a - missing pics
Attaching your D to an engine stand by hondajunkee
ITR Air box / intake, modded for EG's w/ B Series motors by snowboardgeek1
How to build a "reliable" lsvtec/b20vtec motor by Greasedmonkey
DIY: Changing PCV VALVE on D15 (broken links) by Chance
DIY: DIY Motor Mount Install by VegasCivic
DIY: Painting a B-series Valve Cover by JDM-Chick
DIY: Painting a D-series Valve Cover by teal_dx
DIY: injector replacement by Classiccarsrule85 - missing pics
DIY Valve Adjustment; aka Lash, Clearance by suspendedHatch
How to Install a PCV Valve by Mayhem_Audio
How to Install Inline Fuel Filter, Braided Hose and -AN fittings by teal_dx
DIY: Aftermarket Fuel Pump Installation by teal_dx
D Series Intake Manifold comparison thread by teal_dx
DIY: Seafoam by tigerafro
Cleaning FITV by Butterzz
DIY head rebuild copied by eg84dr
DIY: ITR AirBox holder in EG by robster
DIY: Distributor rebuild, convert D15b7 to D16z6 by teal_dx
DIY - Make $150 WRX 440cc Injectors into 800cc Injectors by chrono404
HOW TO: Remove D15b7 Crank Pulley Bolt by Virux

Forced Induction
DIY: Complete Turbo Installation on D16z6 by teal_dx
How to: Rebuild a turbo - Garrett T3 by teal_dx

Transmission Rebuilding and You! by Chrono404
Shift Rod Oil Seal Change by yashep
DIY - Installing an LSD in your tranny by stefan missing pics
Troubleshooting Manual Transmission Problems by Chrono404
How to Rebuild your Civic's Mainshaft (3rd gear grind fix) by teal_dx
How to Rebuild your Civic's Countershaft by teal_dx
DIY E.S. Shifter Bushings by VegasCivic
Short throw shifter/bearing conversion DIY by cjw_89
Automatic Transmission shift cable replacement by jamdat

DIY Carbon Sheild by york62
Slash Cut Method by teal_dx
Painting a Manifold by teal_dx

Polyurethane Bushing Install by teal_dx
ES End Link Bushing Replacement by 1993 Civic Si missing pics
ES FSB Body Mount Bushing Replacement by 1993 Civic Si missing pics
Suspension Techniques front sway bar by teal_dx
Suspension Techniques rear sway bar by teal_dx
ASR / A-spec Rear Subframe Brace Install by teal_dx
Front Camber Kit install by weaponr82 missing pics
Rear Camber Kit install by VegasCivic
Suspension and You by LowTEC-Derbo missing pics
DIY Upper Control Arm Replacement by Gorveatt
DIY: Coilover sleeves by danomatic93
DIY: ASR Brace on an EG with ITR sway bar by LowTEC-Derbo

DIY integra P/S steering rack swap into civic w/pics by kbdavis08
How To: Power to Manual steering Conversion by xlr8 missing pics
How to replace Inner & Outer Tie Rod by teal_dx
How to install manual rack and mount on power subframe by eg-guy missing pics

How to Refurbish a Brake Caliper by Graham
Cheap & Good Big Brake Kit Upgrade by Bouli
GSR Rear Disc Brake Conversion by k0rean4life
DIY: Power brake booster install by brooks
DIY: Aftermarket Stainless Brake Lines by austenjanzen missing pics

Wheels & Tires
Polish your wheels by teal_dx
Paint your wheels by teal_dx
Install Extended Wheel Studs by EconoBox
DIY BBS RM 012 Rebuild by GhettoSmurf missing pics
How to paint your steelies by Hoodride94 missing pics
Make your own Custom Center Caps by teal_dx

Exterior, Body & Paint
Fixing your Honda rust by teal_dx
How to fix that chipping & peeling window trim by teal_dx
Cheap DIY Paint job by teal_dx
Painting Calipers by teal_dx
How to Re-clear Carbon Fiber by JDM-Chick
Painted Side Moldings york62
DIY black headlights (or any color) by Ex-Cvic
How to Roll your fenders (for cheap) by teal_dx
Headllight & Foglight Adjusting by projecthonda
How to take your fender off by york62
Shave the engine bay by teal_dx
Add Inner Brake Lights by Gorveatt
EK Side Skirts on an EG by teal_dx
How to install OEM Sidemarkers by LowTEC-Derbo
Removing/Replacing the Radio Power Antenna by sdots missing pics
DIY carbon hatch installation by Civic_HatchSI
DIY Parking Pole on LHD Civic by danomatic93
DIY Turn your UKDM rear corners into USDM by Xaser
DIY Custom 3rd Brake Light by koher_calibest
DIY Amber Corners by chrono404
DIY City Lights by DC4rob
DIY Manual Mirror tear down and rebuild by Classiccarsrule85
DIY: How to shave your side molding the proper way by CamperCarl
DIY: Build a Rear Diffuser and installation by LaosToaster missing pics
DIY: Build your own Canards/Winglets by Loaf31ics missing pics
[/i]DIY: Tow Hook Install by Loaf31
DIY: Antenna Block-Off Install by Loaf31
DIY: Del Sol Rear Window water drain fix by ghskid06 missing pics

S2000 Seats into EG by teal_dx
Integra Seats into EG by fresh eh2* missing pics
Less Road Noise inside your car by Jamesiecivichb
Pillar Gauge Pod Install by BAXTER_EJ1
How To Install a Broadway Mirror by DC4rob
Hatchback Interior Wire Tuck by teal_dx
White Gauge & Needle Install by swich missing pics
Dying Carpet by DC4rob
Taurus Coin and Cup Holder by hatchie
DIY: 94-01 Integra Cluster into 92-95 Civic by danomatic93
DIY: OEM Door Panel Pocket by Classiccarsrule85
DIY: Combination Switch Fix (Headlight Switch) AND Wiper Comb by danomatic93
DIY: Interor Paint by yashep
DIY: Re-wrap your interior panels by spiritR
DIY: GSR cluster in a EG, TurboHatch style by TurboHatch missing pics
DIY: red tweed door panel inserts by KuEy
DIY: DC2 Map Light into EG w/Moon Roof by danomatic93
DIY: retrofit HID conversion by robster
DIY: Dash Trim Piece Removal and Replacement by danomatic93
DIY: Amber switches by LX_Sedan
DIY EG Sunvisor mirror mod by robster
DIY Orange Needles and Orange Glow Cluster by Trang
DIY: OEM 3 Spoke Non-SRS Steering Wheel Teardown by Classiccarsrule85
DIY: HP4 center console for 5th civic by Mantelis258
DIY : Remove your Dash by Chrono404
DIY : Custom Trunk Carpet by robster
DIY : Wood Steering Wheel restore by TNFBandit
DIY Fog Switch by Wicked
DIY Window Track Repair by 99cx
DIY: Fix your climate control motor by HiTec
DIY: Fitting DC2 Hatch Rear Bottom Bench into EG Hatch by mitch6

How to convert your Auto P28 to Manual by teal_dx
Adding Inside Brake lights by Gorveatt
Parking Light Buzzer Install by projecthonda
Know Your Sensors by projecthonda missing pics
How to Wire JDM Power / Retract Side Mirrors by projecthonda
How To Check ECU Codes by projecthonda
Retrofit HID by Gorveatt
Wire Tuck by teal_dx
Fuse Box Diagrams by martino
Resistor Box diagram by teal_dx
Resistor Box install without cutting any factory wires by teal_dx
Sensor ID thread by projecthonda missing pics
Park Light Buzz Alarm by projecthonda
How to Replace the Ignition Switch by VegasCivic
How to Add a Hatch Light by suspendedHatch
MAP sensor install by thatboiE(g6)
DIY Combination Switch Fix- Headlight Switch AND Wiper Comb by danomatic93
DIY: EG Cluster and Dash Lighting Modifications by danomatic93
DIY: Sidemarker Wiring by danomatic93
DIY EG "Headlights On" Warning Chime by danomatic93
DIY City Lights by asianrob
ECU List and the car they came from by 93cxhb
HID Headlight Education Thread by LowTEC-Derbo
Wiring Reference for Cars by projecthonda
OBD1 Engine harness plug and wire list by Classiccarsrule85
Proper Bulb Sizes, For Gauge, Climate Control, Switches by projecthonda
DIY VTEC light by projecthonda
DIY: EDM headlights plus 2 vids by hatchie
DIY: Low fuel sending unit. by pcbabb
DIY: DIY In-Dash Vtec Light by kingjmack
DIY: De-pinning the male end of a wiring harness by panic989
DIY: swap oem gauges in your cluster by eg-guy missing pics

How to do a Compression Test by teal_dx
Protect your car from thieves by teal_dx
How To: Security PGM-FI Kill Switch by suspendedHatch
Re-Routing Hood Cable by teal_dx
Draining your Gas Tank by teal_dx
Weight Reduction by teal_dx
Honda Emissions Failures by suspendedHatch
Decoding VIN number by Gorveatt
DIY 20$ alarm by sheldon911
DIY: How To Make Your Own Jdm Drifter Style Key by dogfight
Honda & Acura vehicle weight list by CivicTypeR
DIY: Window Track Repair by 99cx
DIY: Theft Deterrent - Ignition Screws by nvturbo
DIY: Theft Deterrent - Hood Latch Block-Off Plate by LaosToaster missing pics
DIY: Repacking Wheel Bearings by known

Tech Articles
[url=FRM ( Fiber Reinforced Metal) and boost]DIY: Repacking Wheel Bearings[/url] by xzachrickx
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By ChicagoMike
#20092 Damn Teal, you put a lil time into this huh?? :wink:
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By Chance
AddictiveAllMotor wrote:Damn Teal, you put a lil time into this huh?? :wink:


LOTs of good DIY here! thanks
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By york62
#20100 :woot: :woot:

this is awesome, once again teal you've outdone your self!!
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By teal_dx
JDM michael wrote:more stuff in here ;)

except those links are for 92-2000 EG and EK's.
H-T has some very good info, but having to sort through EK info when all you want is EG info gets tiring. (plus their search engine will not let you look for "eg" in searches. So that's one reason I created :)
All the links above are DIY articles that members took the time to post on this site. Links to other sites are not included in the DIY links above, to avoid broken links down the road. :thumb:
By JDM michael
#20227 no problem mate i understand :D
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By chnzgoofball
94HBpunto wrote:
AddictiveAllMotor wrote:Damn Teal, you put a lil time into this huh?? :wink:


LOTs of good DIY here! thanks

x3 :woot:
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By Gorveatt
#31545 :woot: I made it on the list twice :thumb:
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By Civic_HatchSI
#31579 woot!!! gotta love all the hard work everyone puts into the site!

great job at putting it all together Teal :thumb:

yay xmas emotions lol :lol:
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By chnzgoofball
#31590 u should but next to the diy link the name of the person who wrote it :D
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#31630 Good idea chnz :D

All hail Teal :hehe:
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By Split_second
#37026 nice job
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By asianrob
#37035 is there one for side markers? cuz like i got my clear S2000CR side markers in lol