Topics that apply to all 92-95 civics
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By teal_dx
#8278 Did you know that you don't have to drop your gas tank or use a siphon?


there's a 17-19mm bolt (can't remember) on the left rear of the tank. most likely it is covered in undercoating. So you'll probebly have to scrape that off with a wire brush or flat screwdriver.


have a pan under, it comes out fast!

when it starts to look like you're getting close to draining it all, jack up the front right corner of the car.

that will cause more gas to go to the corner of the tank with the drain plug.

I was told that the EG was the first gen civic to have this handy feature :thumb:
Edit: EF's also have this. Thanks for the update :wink:
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By ohDirka
#8279 i usually just unscrew the fuel lines but this looks easier
By DarkCreep
#8355 Steal gas?
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By stefan
#8357 A while ago some guy used to drill holes in gas tanks to steal gas or diesel...
Fat chance it's gonna happen to me, before I can jack the car up, it has to be driven onto a set of planks or something :D

But this is handy, a friend of mine wrecked his EG with a full tank...
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By Civic_HatchSI
#8380 wish I would have knew that when I went to fix my gas leak lol as well i just waited for the gas to leak out of the pin hole haha
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By Greasedmonkey
#8392 Man am I glad I knew about this. It really does save time.
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By weaponr82
#23204 :Pulls pipe out of mouth: Wait...theres ANOTHER way of doing this? [smilie=brushteeth.gif]
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By york62
weaponr82 wrote::Pulls pipe out of mouth: Wait...theres ANOTHER way of doing this? [smilie=brushteeth.gif]

hahah, funny moment of the day!
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By id3379
#49973 handy !
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By 95CivEg
#175253 (old ass post**)

But I am currently in the process of rebuilding a 91 EF and its stock fuel tank has this handy little 17mm bolt also* :thumb: