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By Static4doormafia
#361210 So I need your help guys I have a 1995 Honda civic sedan and everything is very healthy and the motor it crank but doesn't turn over it has D16y8 dizzy on D15b7 engine so i have a OBD2 TO OBD1 ADAPTER PLUG AND PLAY do you think that can cause it not to turn on I been driving around a good couple of month like that with know problem tell now it getting spark and fuel and compression and is on proper timing but doesn't want to turn on what you guys think it can be.
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By Driv-it-hard
#361218 Static,
To recap, the car was running and now it is not. The car was running on obd2 dizzy and now it is not.
Need to make sure we are all clear.
If your answer is yes,

1. Do you have spark?
2.Do you have fuel?

Start on that.
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By teal_dx
#361219 Why use the OBD2 dizzy when everything else is OBD1? OBD1 cars have the crank position sensor (CPS) inside the distributor, while OBD2 cars have the CPS on the block, near the crank pulley. So unless you've frankensteined something impressive, you most likely have no CPS with this setup.
If switching distributors was the last thing you did before the car stopped starting, I'd go back to the correct d15b7 distributor. :thumb: