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By Driv-it-hard
#345352 This my 1995 Honda Civic Dx Hatchback ( Daily Driven ) !!!

Its in the works. Bought her last year this time and she was in bad shape.
I only have some pic's . But I will upload more to come.
I have to give my all props on the motor to my friend , EL Che !!!! master mechanic.

Work done.


Front End:
poly bushings
coil overs (lower 1 inch)
kyb shocks ( no adjustment )
under motor tie bar
GSR sway bar
ingalls lower ball joints
PWJDM eg civic crossdrilled and slotted rottors / ceramic pads
Braided brake line.
GSR lower control arm.
Full adustable upper control arm.

Rear End.
poly bushing
coild overs ( lower 1 1/5 inch )
kyb shocks (no adj )
In trunk tie bar
rear sub-frame brace
GSR sway bar
PWJDM eg civic crossdrilled and slotted rottors / ceramic pads
Braided brake line.

Power Plant.
B16 (2000 Civic Si trany)
Custom throttle body

17 inch _ _ _ _ _
Sorry Secret.

This is how she was born.

This is after I cleaned her up and put her power plant in.



More pictures to come. Still a work in progress as she is my DAILY !!!!!

This is the beginning of the interior.

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By Driv-it-hard
#346184 Thank u Snaiper,

Working on it.
She is a work in progress. I'll keep up the post.
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By Driv-it-hard
#347055 These are some update pictures of my EG at the bodyshop. Getting the rust out and putting the donar parts in .

New roof section in

Fix fuel door.

Old Roof rust on rear hatch.
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By FG2_Andrew
#347058 nice work on the rust!
By SloCivic
#347876 damn that rust is crazy! That's dedication lol .

Looks good so far man.
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By teal_dx
#347879 I like what you've done with the center console :thumb:

And good work on the rust... That's unusual for it to be that bad on the roof with the rear 1/4's still looking that good.
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By Driv-it-hard
#347880 Thank you Teal.
Work is on going . Motor is coming out next weekend and going for more prep to paint. Long way to go.
But i'll keep posting photo's.
On another note. Hate to see your car go. You have a beautiful car. I understand where your coming from. I have to down size my self many of times.
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By Driv-it-hard
#349129 The motor has come out and the work will begin this week.

Things on the list :
Semi wire tuck.
Oil filter relocation:
Oil cooler install:
Catch can placement:
Complete the battery relocation:
Side marker install: special side markers :)


By dave21H
#349176 what type of wheels are you riding on they look nice
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By Driv-it-hard
#349179 I say later in the build.
17 inch with a +35 offset.

got to keep somethings a secret.