If you have anything other than a 92-95 Civic, post it in here
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By EconoBox
#354835 Some of you may have noticed I haven't been on in awhile. Well I've been slammed at work, remodeling my house, and bought the new car. Things have finally calmed down a bit and I've found time to get back onto the forums.

Before things got real hectic I had made the decision to stop driving my EG for the time being and part it out. I have no intentions of permanently leaving the EG scene since they are what got me into cars in the first place. I'm just saving up and shopping around and when the right one comes along I'll purchase it and have some fun.

As any of my friends can tell you I've been searcing for a clean manual tranmission 2006-08 TSX for a long time and I finally stumbled across the perfect car. A customer who has been bringing their TSX to my store to be serviced since it had 6 miles on it decided they wanted to sell their car finally and of course I jumped at the opportunity and got myself a beautiful all original 2006 TSX black with black leather interior and a 6 speed transmission. The car only had 92k on it and is in really good shape.

So of course I couldn't leave my comfy new daily stock for long.

***Edited***Current mods as of 4/05/2016
-Competition Clutch Stage 4 sprung clutch
-Competition Clutch 11.5 lb flywheel
-EM2 clutch master cylinder
-Fortune Auto 500 Series coilovers
-TruHart camber kit Front
-TruHart camber kit Rear
-Varrstoen MK3 Wheels
-5% Window Tint
-Circuit Hero Brushed Spherical shift knob
-07-08 TSX 6MT ECU (37820-RBB-A21)
-Hondata Flashpro
-Comptech Icebox intake
-Progress rear sway bar
-RBC intake manifold
-Hondata Thermal IM Gasket
-Idle assist delete
-Throttle coolant hose delete
-Hybrid-Racing ZDX Throttle Body adapter
-ZDX Throttle body
-RSX Type-S Oil Pump
-RSX Type-S Aluminum Oil Pan
-45 degree VTC gear
-Hasport 70a rear mount kit
-Power Stop brake rotors
-Power Stop brake pads

And here is how she looks now. I'll keep posting as I do more.
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By teal_dx
#354840 Hey, our TSX's are twins 8) http://civic-eg.com/viewtopic.php?t=24895

I love these cars with a manual. I like the wheels on yours. What are the specs and tire size?

Why such a beefy clutch... is there forced induction in your future? :twisted:
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By EconoBox
#354842 Teal_dx I didn't even know you had a TSX and you got me on the clutch! I'm in the process of gathering up all the parts to boost mine. I've built a ton of boosted cars for customers and friends and never built one for myself and this seemed like the perfect car to try it out on, but I'm going for reliable horsepower so there are a ton of parts to order and some of them are a bit pricey so my time frame is about a year to get everything together. I won't go into debt for a car and I have bills to pay :lol:

The wheels are Varrstoen MK3 18x9+30 with a 225/40R18 Nitto Neo Gen tire I really like how they fit so far. I do have a little more playing with everything to get the car sitting with a bit less camber. I still haven't rolled the rear and in the front I trimmed the fender liner away from the clips and folding just the little tabs up so I am going to take some time this week and roll the fenders to straighten everything out. I wanted a nice fit but I need the car to handle I love to go vacation in the mountains and beat the brakes off of my cars.

Also if you haven't done it yet the Flashpro is a bit expensive but the difference is well worth it. I went through all the trouble of tracking down the 37820-RBB-A21 (07-08 6MT ECU) used so that I could use the flashpro and it was worth it. I was able to turn off the throttle delay, remove the overrun aka: rev hang (So the tach drops when you let off the throttle), the throttle map is 1 to 1 now so it drives like it has a throttle cable, VTEC went down to 4600 so if you snatch a gear it doesn't drop down and bog between 1-2 and 2-3 shifts. Its night and day. Also I got 29mpg highway driving to Atlanta from Tampa and back over the weekend my normal HWY MPG was 27 before Hondata.
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By EconoBox
#354901 Thanks Teal_dx!

I happened to be in a good place financially when I bought the car and it let me order the few nice things right away. Now that I'm back to my normal routine again I have to save up for the rest so I feel you on that one.
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By EconoBox
#357740 Image

Been a while since I've checked in on here!

Haven't changed a whole lot with the appearance of my TSX but my parts collection for getting her turbo'd is slowly growing. Hopefully in a few months I'll be able to post some dyno videos for you guys and finally see what all this $$$ gets me in fun to drive value.

I'm installing a bunch of little things this weekend and I'll have to post a few pics of the work.

I've got an RSX Type-s Oil pan, Oil pump conversion, 45 degree VTC gear, Powerstop rotors and pads.

Just a little prep work in getting ready for boost. Not sure I'll actually need to use the 45 degree VTC actuator once I'm boosted but I'd like to have it just in case I need it with how long the runners on my turbo manifold are.
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By EconoBox
#357744 Teal_dx its slowly coming together.

I have a stack of fittings and small pieces that are necessary it's really expensive to do reliably. I'm running a new fuel feed line and using the stock feed as a return. I want it to be reliable and still comfortable to drive. So I'm going to be running a full 3 inch exhaust with a resonator and still dual mufflers, recirculating the BOV back into the intake pre turbo, and the wastegate will be dumped into the exhaust instead of vented as well. I'm running all push locks for the vacuum fittings and changing out all the little things like motor mounts and brakes to prepare. Car has to be ready for the power before it has it. I'm saving for the couple big pieces I have to order (Turbo and manifold). I'm getting one of the new Xona Rotor turbos and hoping to make right at 500hp to the wheels.


Manifold: instead of worrying about boost creep and exhaust leaks from using gaskets I'm going to run this manifold. I'm also using V-Bands and wiggins clamps on just about everything, I daily drive the car so I will have to use a few silicone couplers and T-clamps where necessary to allow some degree of flex in the piping. It's very similar to old Formula 1 manifolds and the design allows a 44mm Tial MV-R to control boost without worrying about anything.
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By TrailerTrash
#357747 I like where this is going

beautiful car dude
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By EconoBox
#357835 So this weekend I finally got around to installing my clutch kit. Which I actually bought about 2 days after getting the car and has been collecting dust in my closet for a while. This job takes almost a full day to do so I really haven't been looking forward to it.

Some of you may know the TSX has a very different clutch and flywheel then any other K series motor. A few replacement options are available to get a bit more holding capacity but with the plans for the car involving boost I need to plan ahead for a bit more. This means I needed to do a conversion to an RSX Type-S flywheel and clutch kit. This is a job I only want to do when necessary since the TSX is a very time consuming car to do the clutch on.

Lightweight flywheels seem to be a hot topic on forums as to the pros an cons. The simple fact is removing weight from the rotating assembly of the engine increases horsepower and torque. The only sacrifice is inertia in the engine itself. This means that letting off of the throttle the RPMs will drop faster. With plans involving boost I don't want the RPMs to fall too fast so I stuck with the Competition Clutch lightweight flywheel at 11.65 lbs its a significant decrease in weight from the stock 18.2 lb flywheel. I forgot to weight the OEM TSX clutch and pressure plate but they were a few pounds heavier than the new unit as well. The final choice of clutch was a Competition Clutch Performance Clutch Kit, Stage 4, 6 puck spring. It weighs in at 11.2 lbs so overall I knocked quite a bit of weight out of the rotating assembly.

While I was under the hood I also installed the clutch master cylinder from an EM2 Civic, sorry didn't take any pictures, It was a pain to do since the CMC is buried under the cowel and sandwiched behind the brake booster. It's an almost direct replacement and it removed the 'dampner' valve that is the death to all OEM transmissions with people who have a heavy foot. The only necessary modification to fit this CMC is to lightly bend the OEM light to fit. The only claimed drawback here is increased pedal pressure (See my review after pictures on this 'issue')

All of the work was done on a lift in my friends shop. He had lended out his spin jacks so we had to go up and down with the car as we needed to so we could set the sub frame down and them remove the transmission. The jack under the engine was there to help us line the motor mount bolts back into place when we reinstalled the subframe.
The Starter has to come off and of course that mean half the intake manifold has to be removed to get to it. Sometime I really miss working on my old B series swaps. [smilie=BangHead.gif]

Out with the old

The new flywheel prior to cleaning it. Always make sure you clean off a new flywheel to remove any of the oils it is packaged in.

The new 6 puck sprung clutch disc

And finally the new pressure plate
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By EconoBox
#357836 Review of the new modifications:

I give these modifications a 10 out of 10!

For the EM2 CMC upgrade:
The OEM CMC always made you think twice before trying to snatch a gear wide open at 7600rpm. You'd push the pedal and wonder if the dampener valve had actually fully depressed the slave cylinder. Sometimes wide open you could bang second like a pro and other times you'd get an embarrassing grind. I had the same issue in my 08 Si and the RSX and the solution both times was a downgrade. Going backwards to an EM2 CMC on these cars is one of the first modifications I recommend everyone to do. The pedal feel is fantastic. The pedal is not stiffer than before. It sounds impossible that its not stiffer but it really isn't a noticeable difference. I love it. The engagement feel is perfect and shifting you are now confident that the slave and master cylinder are working together. No more worrying about grinding because of a mechanical issue. If you miss a gear it's all driver error.

For the clutch:
Its a 6 puck sprung clutch which I have used this same kit on my GSR motor that was in my hatchback. I used this clutch knowing that pucked clutches have some more chatter/noise then a solid disc. That said I have put about 400 miles on the clutch and I have just started to abuse it a bit. The engagement is great. There is a bit of a learning to curve to find smooth engagement shifting with this clutch because if you let you foot come up as fast as the OEM clutch it just bites and goes. With my power goals this clutch should be holding right near its limit so I will do another opinion of its reliability once I put some miles on it with some real horsepower and torques thrown at it. That's what really matters.

Overall the car feels totally different. Between Flashpro, the EM2 CMC, lightweight flywheel, and new clutch I couldn't be happier with the direction the car is headed in. I still have A/C and power steering to go along with my comfortable quiet ride. And when I put down the right foot the throttle response is instant a total 180 degree difference from a stock TSX. :love:
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By EconoBox
#357990 It has begun!

Just placed this order with my buddy at our local speed shop. With all the New Years delays hopefully it won't take too long to show up from Tial.

I'll post pics of the parts pile as things start showing up! I already have some other things.

I don't have an official timeline I've made to get this done since everything is pretty pricey but I'm hoping within 6 months I can have the parts together.