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By undeadone069
#359291 So 3 days ago I snatched up a offer for a 94 ex auto coupe. Was basically free I traded a 93 Mazda 626 that was getting a bunch if issues with it for the coupe even trade. My buddy I work with actually paid 1800$ for the civic just to trade me and get my car :woot: so far this is what I know

it has about 180k miles on it.

It has new axles I noticed

it use to be teal. I see black paint chipping off with teal under it.

The trim at the back if the driver side is missing so I see the old paint there.

The tent needs redone.

Valves need adjusted

Someone cut off the muffler and clamped a tip like for a truck way up under the car. You can't see it without looking under it.

The front end has a crappy suspension I think the shocks are out on the front of the spring is too soft I can feel the shock bottom out.

It has rims from a ek si :love:

Found out night before last I'm having a issue with the driver side high beams. So that's what I gotta fix first .

I'll get more pics soon of everything. I haven't had a eg in about 5 years lost last one due to divorce..... She just took it and sold it while I was at work. So I'm super stoked to be back to what I love. :D

I have a post about the headlight in electrical forum if anyone can I could use some advice there. Wiring is my worst enemy.
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By undeadone069
#359312 Headlights and interior lights fixed. Next thing is to fix some leaks I found. Oil pan and valve cover and clean everything up so I can look for any more leaks :thumb:
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By undeadone069
#359318 Thank you I know I'm going to give it a manual Tanny in the coming months when I have the money and can find a full swap. But I'm undecided if I want to keep the original motor or go for a dohc. Any thoughts are welcome. Also I thought it was teal originally but I figured out it was always black and the driver fender and door was replaced with ones from a teal civic and painted. So I decided to stay with the black.
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By TrailerTrash
#359502 looks like a nice start :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: