Topics that apply to all 92-95 civics
By JustinHforHonda
#6908562 doing a GSR swap into my EG and I want to do a mild wire tuck (ground cables, batt. relocate, and harness from both sides of bay) to start off with.
I have pulled the old D series motor and now starting prep to paint the bay next.
my ? is... should/can I tuck now while the engine bay is open and before paint? Or would it be better to do all tucking after the "new" engine is in and running.
I'll be painting the bay myself but having a shop to the GSR install. I'm unsure if a tucked bay will be problematic for the shop swapping in a non native engine (albeit just a D to B series swap)
just thinking about trouble shooting issues, ie: not knowing if its the swap or tuck causing whatever problems that might pop up.
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By teal_dx
#6908565 I did mine while engine was out and it made it 10x easier to access the back of the engine to customize the engine harness to meet in the center of the firewall instead of the two back corners. I'd do it before paint, so your fresh paint doesn't get any scratches when you're dragging the harness around, measuring etc...
Also, you'll be able to put a hole in the center of the firewall before painting (if you end up relocating the engine harness. Here's how I did mine: