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By teal_dx
#347666 Why am I selling it?
Of course, I don't want to sell it. I thought I’d have this car forever but since 2008, I got married, bought a house, started a business, had a kid and now I’m old and would rather drive my 4 dr. slow with my family than scare myself in a boosted hatch. I've been thinking of selling it for the last couple years. The car has been 95% finished for the last few years and I only drive it a few times a year (one tank of gas worth, if I’m lucky). With a house, family, business and other projects, I realize I’m not going to get around to having time to work on or enjoy driving this car anytime soon. Not pressed to sell, just testing the waters. Yes, it’s fast. No trades, I don't have enough time for any more cars.

What is the car’s history?
I’ve owned the car for 14 years. I bought it in 2000 with 103k mi to commute to college. In 2004, I got into auto-x. In 2006 around 178k mi, it was no longer my daily driver and I put the car away and started building it into what it is now, starting with body work, drivetrain, then turbo. Rear 1/4’s and rocker panels were replaced in 2006 because the usual Honda rust was starting to eat through the paint around the rear fender. Car was then painted and is still rust free 8 years later because the repair was done the right way. Clean title, no accidents. Gets mid 30’s MPG on the hwy. I tried one time and got 38. The worst I ever got was 28. Just passed E-check in late July 2014, good until 2016. In 2017, the car will be 25 yrs. old and Ohio historical plates can go on it. So keep in mind this is a 22 yr. old car. It’s loud with no sound deadening and the dash vibrates with the filled motor mounts. It rides very stiff with all the urethane bushings. This car is a raw driving experience and is not a daily driver- it is built to be a weekend/track toy.






(before k&N filter)

1992 Honda Civic dx Hatchback 189k mi
JSP Carbon Fiber Hood
DIY Army Green/Black roof paint job
Shaved, tucked & color matched engine bay
Amber corners

D16z6 ~12k miles on this motor and internals
SRP 75.5mm forged pistons
Eagle Rods
Oil pump, water pump, timing belt, all gaskets were all new OEM Honda Parts
Block bored .020, honed. Crank micro polished, ACL bearings all done my Michael’s Racing Engines in Macedonia.
ARP Head studs
1999 D16y8 intake manifold
Unknown aftermarket Fuel Rail
Plugs, wires, cap less than 2k mi old
AEM fuel pressure regulator
DSM 450cc Blue top injectors + resistor box
Motorola 2.5 bar MAP
Walbro 255 LPH fuel pump
Stainless fuel line, -AN fittings, inline fuel filter
Custom shaped K&N filter
Auto to Manual conversion mount
OEM mounts urethane filled
Stock head

Garrett T3 .60/.48 60 trim rebuilt a few thousand miles ago
EVO 9 wastegate
Cast manifold
2.5" Spoolin Down Pipe
2.5� to 3� test pipe
3" Thermal R&D cat back
2.5" piping & FMIC, T-clamps
Hallman manual boost control
knockoff HKS BOV
Function7 oil line fittings, stainless lines.

Si transmission rebuilt:
newer 2nd, 3rd OEM gear sets & bearings ($480!)
XTD stage 3 6 puck clutch
8 lb flywheel
braided stainless clutch line
~12k mi on all the above
S2000 Master cylinder & billet aluminum spacer installed a couple thousand mi ago.

Autometer Oil pressure, Boost, EGT gauges
Odyssey PC680 battery behind fender, 1 yr old
slim push fan
4ga and 8ga custom wiring for electrical system
P28 chipped
Hondata S300
JVC CD player with crappy door speakers

Tokico HP struts/ unknown coil overs
Energy Suspension Master Bushing Kit installed (every bushing)
Energy Suspension Trailing Arm Bushings
Suspension Techniques 22mm front & 19mm rear sway bars
ASR A-Spec subframe brace

Weight reduction:
Power steering converted to manual
Lightweight Odyssey PC680 battery
SRS removed
Climate control removed
Sound deadening removed
Rear seat belts (included)
Washer reservoir

Car will come with Satin Black 16x7 (2) Enkei DM5 (2) ADR and 205/45R16 Kumho tires
I have forged OZ Racing Starlights (1 of 3 sets in the US, only set with center caps) 15x7 +32 with 205/50R15 Nittos that can come with the car for an extra $1k
or Polished HX wheels with 195/60R14 Falken Azenis RT615 tires for $500

Will be discussed with the new owner

What does it need?
- Finish dyno tuning. Right now it is tuned up to 5k, a little on the rich side, until leaned out for final tune. It drives fine- I don’t take it over 5k.
- Aftermarket radiator, still has the stock single-core which is only 5/8� thick lol.
- Struts. Tokico HP’s are 12 yrs old and pretty sure they’re all leaking, ride is bouncy. I have another set of 4 Tokico HP’s to put on the car, included with sale.
- Bung on oil pan has a pinhole in the weld. Needs cleaned & welded over. Currently has some JB weld over the pinhole. Left a half-dollar size oil spot on the floor over winter.
- Doesn’t need paint, but it’s something I would do if I keep the car. Army Green job is 8 yrs old and starting to show its age when you look up close. I left the paint alone to show that there is no rust on the body because you should never buy a freshly painted 92-95 civic (most of the time the fresh paint is hiding rust that will return). Still looks great on the street but it’s not a show car paint job.
- E-brake needs adjusted
- The tint on the Driver’s window is coming off at the very top.

Over $12k in parts, on a clean rust free shell, plus years of labor makes this car difficult to sell, but I feel that $6000 is a fair price.

My 8-year build thread:

I'd like to see it stay in the Civic-EG family :)
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By MG6
#347679 :o no! But it is understandable..

sweet ride and the next owner will have fun with the green monster.
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By OmarG
#347699 Image

Thanks for bringing me out of my 3+ year hiatus Brian. I remember being into this build back in high school... Good luck with the sale. I hope someone cares for the car as well as you have.
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By jred
#347700 Man it must be tough selling your baby, a car that you had for so long and made it your own.....
The way things are with me, I may also have to sell my car in a couple of years for something more practical like a 4X4 pickup or something and I'm dreading that day....

Since you'll be having no EG soon hope you'll still keep the site running, :thumb:
By HeikDiesel
#347709 Can I haz?
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By Apexracing
#347733 Boy if only i wasn’t purchasing a new car this year!
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By Driv-it-hard
#347734 I wish I had the money to pick it up. I have money already tied up in my build.
I really hope it stays in the Civic-EG fam !!!!
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By teal_dx
Djonyledo wrote:LInk works, glws, itll make a good project for someone.

Thanks! It's tucked away in the garage, collecting dust. The older the car gets, the more I want to find a way to keep it. :wink:

I just put a brand new cap & rotor on it before I tucked it away for winter. It had a miss when the engine warmed up, that fixed it 100%. Also have a new OEM Honda thermostat in the box. I haven't had 1 minute to work on the car :cry:
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By Bouli
#354489 Oh god.... how much for shipping it to Europe..... :shock: