What fits best, Weights & Sizes
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By vince72310
#357389 I am looking into getting some Buddy Club SF 15x8 wheels in gold but they only come in 25 or 32 offset, will these stick out alot or be flushed with my fender? I wanna wrap them in either 195 or 175 i dont wanna run a fat tire.

Anyone have 25 or 32 offset wheels? Please post some pics thanks!

https://www.jhpusa.com/store/pc/viewPrd ... duct=30747
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By Driv-it-hard
Driv-it-hard wrote:Vinca,
The wheels on my car have ET of 35. You can have an idea how they would look. Keep in mind , mine or 17 .

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By brandoff88
#359161 I had a 15x8 +20 and they poked out like 1/2 inch past my fenders, looked like shit lol, then again I wasn't cambered or super low, if you don't want em poking out id say go with a +32 (I think stock is like +45 or +47, cant remember off the top of my head) but how they sit will also depend how low you are(usually if you have stock upper control arms/camber arms you get a certain amount of natural negative camber when lowering) ive seen cars run a 15x8 +15/+20 and with some good amount of low they look alright, I'm personally just not into the whole cambered look, but since these arnt really a "dished" wheel if your low enough you should be able to get away with if your moderately lowered..it all really depends if you like that stance look or more of a natural look, I ditched my 15x8 for a set of 15x7 rota slips and like the fitment much more, I'm also running 195/50/15 khumos (again I'm more of a natural fitment/slightly beefy looking tire kinda guy)