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By Rhysy
#6909051 Hey, this is more hypothetical and out of curiosity but I might actually go ahead and do what ever is needed to fit this to my civic. So the question at hand is; what is the biggest breaks possible that you can fit on an eg? Considering that whoever is doing it isn't a racing team (doesn't have endless money) and doesn't have stupidity big wheels. For eg a 16" wheels. If you have any pictures also that'd be great.

Personally I've been looking at Porsche 986 calipers with 300 mm discs if that's possible (using honed development carriers), I have 16" rpf1s so I should be able to fit this.
Really wanna hear what peoples set up in regards to big breaks.

And all this is most likely overkill for a small hatchback weighing under 1000 kilos but if you think that where is the point of diminishing returns?
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By teal_dx
Porsche 986 calipers with 300 mm discs

I would love to see that happen! A master cylinder upgrade would likely be needed to move more fluid.
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By EconoBox
#6909061 Honed makes a great kit for using the Porsche calipers. They've got a blog post explaining all the R&D behind the setup and I'm sure they can tell you about wheel clearance and help with choosing the correct master cylinder.

Wilwood, Fast Brakes, and ASR all offer big brake kits for the EG also.

I've personally used several different options of the Wilwood kits and always loved them. I just installed the Honed brake booster delete in my Del Sol.