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By teal_dx
#361390 So I haven't had a lot of time to chill in the forum compared to the old days when I was paid to be at an office all the time. I'm wondering what's new with everyone? I miss all the regular members, although I still see some of you on FB, IG, Snapchat, Youtube etc...

Since quitting my job of 13 years , in late 2015, with a company that looked to be a sinking ship, I've been self employed with freelance work. I work out of my house & make my own schedule, so I'll do outside activities on a nice day and work on a rainy day. When things get slow, I find other ways to make some $. I bought a 2001 bmw 740i on ebay for $400 and wrench on that when things are slow or I get tired of staring at a screen. I also picked up a Mercedes 380 SEL for $330 on ebay for the next part out. Still have the 85 Toyota, 97 Mustang, 92 Civic and the daily 06 TSX. I haven't started the civic since 2015 :oops: I'm still on the fence of restoring back to teal or selling it.
The Weirdmobile is currently in the garage (98 Accord UTE/truck conversion) after sitting in a friend's back yard for a year. We're working on getting it finished/ready for the Gambler 500 (a rally version of 24 hrs of Lemons). We have some 29" tires and are designing a lift kit, roof basket and finally finishing up the functioning tailgate.
Despite a couple cheap german cars to flip parts from, I've been working on simplifying my life. I had a garage full of hoarded parts & wheel collection that I've been getting rid of. It feels good. Wife and I took a break about a yr ago. Part of the reason I quit my job was because I wasn't around enough and working from home was the answer, but things were already pretty bad by the time I quit. We've been working things out this year and are going to start looking for one place for us soon. Unfortunately, that means leaving my shop behind, but I can always build another down the road. It's worth it for fam. My daughter turns 5 this year!
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By EconoBox
#361549 Been busy for you! Get that hatch back to teal and go take it for a drive!

How do you like working for yourself? I'm trying to eventually make that transition I've been helping my wife start up her business and working on my own as well. Maybe mine will be able to generate the income to leave the 9-5 world.

Got married in October. In January pulled my TSX totally apart for paint... still working on that. I had a really nice pace going but to be totally honest sanding the nooks and crannies to perfection is really boring and it's really hard to stay focused on it. I'll have it done soon though. I bought the $200 EG to have a daily beater, so the wife wouldn't kill me having to spend 2 hours car pooling every day, and it's going to end up being a little side project once the TSX is painted. Just going to make the EG a fun daily beater.

I've been working at the Honda dealer for over 6 years now... but in the last couple months I've been helping the wife set up an online business selling second hand clothing. It's been doing far better than I would have ever guessed. So well in fact that we are discussing adding her to my insurance and her quitting her 9-5 job. The second business I'm working on is an online men's grooming company making and selling beard care products. I've had a well kept beard for the last 13 or 14 years (I'm 28 so since I was maybe 14-15 and started growing it ). Growing up beard products were a really niche market but it seems that it's grown over the last few years. Finally finished the website and I'm waiting on my labeling and packaging to arrive so I can do product photos and go live. Been fun going through all the steps to set up LLCs, and all the state and federal tax stuff to be a legal business.
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By TrailerTrash
EconoBox wrote: Get that hatch back to teal and go take it for a drive!


As some of you may know from my threads on here I have stripped my blue coupe down to a shell and purchased a new to me replacement car last summer for the daily driving duties
ive put several thousand miles on it so far without a problem i really enjoy driving it and 40mpg is nice 8)
no major plans for it just probably switching the look up here and there in the future

also last summer I did a ton of work to my 77 Chevy C10 that i have had since 2006(my first vehicle). i took the bed off i dropped it 4 inches with a shackle/hangar kit from Western Chassis and put air shocks on the rear. also dropped the tank and did the fuel gauge sender and new straps. then i dropped the front end with Western Chassis spindles and did wheel bearings and ball joints and shocks. it had rust problems with the cab so i did some work there with a cab corner, one full rocker, one rocker patch, a large section floor patch, a large patch behind the passenger fender, and some old factory body trim holes. then i used Chassis Saver on the entire floor and it came out great considering i was working on some hackjob repairs from some point in the past. also put some camaro headers on it for more ground clearance and did some other things. i drive it here and there in the winter and fairly often in nice weather its no show truck but its fun and i love it

i bought a 79 Chevy K10 3 years ago for a winter vehicle mostly but also cause i couldnt turn it down for 1000 bucks. ive fixed a ton of stuff on it in the past 3 years but the cab is way past the point of rust repair and its only getting worse. the engine is very tired and the tranny makes noises it shouldnt :lol: its been 100% reliable for 3 years never left me sit a single time no matter if its -5 degrees or 95 degrees. but its time to move on im going to try and get a little money out of it. its not worth much needing the repairs it needs but its time to move on...

to the 98 Cherokee 2 door i just bought to replace it. 167k 4.0L five speed. full power options 3 inch lift on 31s. i originally wanted a wrangler and had been looking since last summer for the right one but i realized i wanted more interior room and i wanted to save myself several thousand by buying a cherokee. it needs some small things done but its very nice for a 98 and its just what i wanted.

My life hasn't been much different in the past few years. I'm at the same factory job I've been at since Oct 2010 but 3 years ago i got a different position on a better paying machine and its been pretty good. I work alot of 10 and 12 hour days i had a total of 484 mandatory hours of overtime last year(2016). we are hitting the busy season again so its gunna be bye bye free time for awhile.

me and the misses have been together since Jan 2010(not married yet lol) last year she completed a barbering apprenticeship with her boss. now she is a licensed cosmetologist, licensed cosmetologist educator, and a licensed barber. I am extremely proud of her

thats about it for me :lol:
By JohnRM
#361570 It's definitely been awhile. Last I posted was in 2015! Since then, I've been a lot busier. I'm now a Store Manager for O'Reilly Automotive, I bought a new car, 2010 Mazda RX8 :D, and I recently got engaged! A big reason why I haven't been on the forum lately is because I lost my EG civic to a car accident :cry: . This was last year in March. I'm not sure if I'll be getting another, unfortunately. But it's been an awesome experience though. I learned all my mechanics from it! If anyone has followed my product review, my Megan EZ Street Coilovers were STILL going strong until the accident!
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By kapow
#6907653 Great to hear from you @teal_dx, hope you and the wife sort things out!

I miss the forums! I occasionally visit the Facebook page from time to time! Not much is new with me, i'm currently studying Screen and Media at my local college and doing a bit of freelance camera work here and there.

I'm not so much in the Honda game anymore, in 2014 my then girlfriend and her dad pressured me into buying a newer car, saying that my Civic is "too small" for me (they are a bit upper class) I caved in and bought a newer car, since leaving my Civic in my backyard it hasn't started. At times I think some people don't think of other peoples interests or hobbies and just think about themselves which is why I broke up with her shortly after.

At the moment i'm thinking of either restoring my Civic or selling it off so I may be back on the forums in the near future!
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By teal_dx
#6907669 Kapow, what newer car did you end up getting? I've been getting the itch to drive my hatch... going to get it out of the garage and put insurance on it. Still not sure if I'm going to keep or sell it. I won't have a place to park it inside when we move in a month.