Post YOUR Del Sol here
By kalash
#358572 This will be the thread of my del sol.....slow build since it's my only car and it serves as my daily and as my weekend car......
Lets start presenting my car lol it's a 93 edm del sol esi, it came from factory with a d16z6... Imported to Portugal on 2002 and came to my and in 2013.. it's the same as the usdm si but prettier lol
My d16 came with low compression and burning oil, ater 6 months of having the car I swap the d16 for a b16a1 with b16a2 intake and ecu and b18c4 header.... I've put a few bolt ons on it as I'll list below. .... I really need to paint it and I' ll try to do that on the end of this year, but since I wanna put almost of my body in carbon fiber that I'll take a little longer to raise the funds to it lol

Kalash 93 del sol

Car- 262000 from the cluster, maybe more lol
Engine - ?

B16a1 stock
Y21 hydro box
P30 ecu with custom map made on hondata s300
Hondata intake gasket
Skunk2 intake manifold
Kn panel air filter
Tegiwa radiator hoses
Ssp toda replica header
Custom 2.5" straight exhaust from the header back
Vibrant black muffler 2.5"

1" brake master cylinder
282mm itr front upgrade
260mm itr rear upgrade
Ferodo ds2500 front pads
Powerslot front rotors
Hel braided hose lines blue

Sir steering wheel

Koni yellows
Ground control sleeves with 10k front and 8k rear
Itr rear anti roll bar
Ultra racing 2 point trunk bar
ASR brace blue

Cheap 15x6.5 et35 that came with the car and clear the itr brakes
195 50 15 toyo r1r front
195 50 15 yokohama parada spec 2 rear

Ms design trunk spoiler
Ambar front corners
Front mugen replica lip, but I want a spoon

Build a high compression forged b18c
Paint the whole car on another shade of blue, maybe bayside blue
Retrim the interior on carbon and suede
Upgrade the seats for recaro or bride
Change rims
And I think that' s everything

I'm on my phone now, I'll update some pics when I can be on my desktop later this week......
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By TrailerTrash
#358573 Welcome dude :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

in for some pics!
By kalash
#358622 It take a little longer than I was expecting to be able to upload the photos......but here they're....

A couple of photos of how it sits now...... I'll upload a couple more to show the rest of the car....

Just click on the pics to open full screen ;) tell me what you guys think about my sol....
But please don't say that I need to change the wheels and paint the whole car, I know that I need to do that and I'll do, the wheels I'll change them in a couple of months, and the paint maybe on the next autumn I'll have it painted :)









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By TrailerTrash
#358629 nice lookin sol!
By kalash
#358632 :) thanks mate, wait till you see it with the new wheels ;)

Did you notice the ek9????? Yep it's a real ek9 :!:
By kalash
#358809 Just a little update.... I've been recovery from a surgery so I take that chance to left my del sol on my mechanic to do a few things... Before I go further, yeah I know it sucks that I need a mechanic to work on my car, but since I don't have another car and my mechanical skills suck I can't use this one to learn :?
Well it's time to do the update, my bushes are worn out and I decided to put the energy suspension master kit including the rear trailing arm bushes, also put a new heater core radiator (not sure if that's the right name for this) and change also the radiator that's on the engine bay for an alumium one from tegiwa... Power steering was deleted and the clutch master cylinder changed....
All in all it was a bit of needed maintenance that also improve the feeling of the car a little..... Next on my list is to change the wheels, then start a piggy bank for the paintjob cause it'll be a bit expensive since I'll put some parts in carbon fiber to save wheight and avoid rust and also change the roof seals......
And before the end of this year it'll be time to change the water pump and timing belt, and something good will happen cause when that will be changed there are a couple things inside the cylinder head that will be cleaned and polished, others will be upgraded (cams and springs) and a new tune will be made, but this time I want a tune a bit different, it wont be as conservative as the one I have now since the ver limiter will not be equal to the oem one but will be a bit more like a ver limiter on a turbo car with all that pop and bang..... I know I know it's show off but sounds amazing with my current exhaust :twisted:
I'm still debating on what cams I'll choose, I'm on a stock block and stock compression, so my options are a bit narrow, I'm thinking about skunk2 tuner2 but I'm not sure if on my setup they will be too much, I'm also considering buddyclub spec3 or skunk2 tuner1 for a more mild setup.....also found a set of jun1 here but not sure if they are real or not.....what you guys thing, should I go for the tuner2 or stay with something smaller?????

Sorry for the lack of photos, I need to wash my car before I take a couple more..... I have just a photo from the engine bay, with a bit more free space now :)

By kalash
#359067 Headgasket went bad, started to allow pressure to escape from the engine into the radiator so the overflow is allawys full but the radiator not.... I'm starting buying all the parts to repair it, and since he head will need to see a machine shop It'll be port & polish and maybe send the skunk2 manifold to open it to 66mm also.....lets see how much I'll have to spend now, I really wanna take this change to upgrade the valvetrain, not sure if I can do it right now, priority is to have the car fine again...... Next update will be the parts pile before send it to my mechanic for the teardown/head rebuild...... I'm thinking about put the itr airbox now and have a re-tune for the new tb...........
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By teal_dx
#359071 Happened to me before, but the head wasn't warped so no need to get it machined... just replaced the head gasket. If the engine did not get too hot, then you should be ok with just the new gasket. A good time to upgrade to re-uasble ARP head studs as well.
By kalash
#359072 That's the one thing that I'm not dure if I'll be able to do now or upgrade later this year when the news cams will be put in......
It did't made the typical White smoke from burning coolant but I don' t know if something more went bad or just the head, with my luck everything is fucked :\
Lets see what will happen. ..... For now I' m struggling finding a cam seal, it seems that in Portugal we only have oem or replicas
By kalash
#359162 Just a little update of the headgasket issue.........

I made my mind and discard the arp headstuds for now... with the luck I have my block will be the next thing to give me troubles, so instead of put more Money into this b16 I'll search for a b18c or b18c4 or b18c6 or b16b and start bulding it and like that I'll have a new block ready to put in when this one start going bad...... My idea already was to build a b18, I wanna do a 82mm wiseco pistons 12:1 cr on darton sleeves, itr crank and eagle rods, so I just need a block that can acomodate that, don't matter wich b18c it is or even a b16b will work......... but that setup will be too hard on the mileage for now, so if I'll do 2 b18's blocks lol for now I'll keep a cheap and reliable setup, keep everything stock and upgrade just the rod and main bolts and put pr3 or p30 pistons on it and call it a day......the other b18 will be made only when I don't need to do so many kms everyday............ so the headstuds that I'll buy will be for the b18, so there is no real reason to buy some b16 arp studs to discard them next year or so..... And since I'm keeping it na and not change the compression or cams for now it'll be fine.....
Let's see how the engine looks with the head rebuild, if it continues a smoker then I'll do the b18 conversion before change the timing belt later this year, if the b16 get better of the smoking addicting it means that the timing belt change will also see some new cams :D

Sorry for the long texto, just show you my toughs and now I'll do the actual update lol

My car is already on the mechanic, hoppefully it'll be ready friday or saturday of this week, not sure yet........
Like I told before I bought a couple things for him, let the part list start ahah
- oem 3 layer headgasket
- oem valve steam seals
- oem valve seats
- oem valve retainers
- skunk2 lmas
- password jdm cam seal
- ek9+supertech valve springs
The valve springs where on a friends del sol b16 with pct and blox c, but he'll change the c's for some skunk2 pro2, so he need stiffer valve springs and I bought is set, I believe the ek9 are the exhaust ones and the supertech the intake.......
The head will be cleaned and if checked to see if it needs to be skimmed (sorry for not remembre a better word) because of the headgasket went bad, also it'll have a mild port & polish and the skunk2 intake manifold opened to 66mm to put the skunk2 the end it'll have a retune, unfortunately it'll not be the retune that I want with all the pop and bang on the ver limiter, but since my tuner will use chrome pro and he can't do it on this program I'll stick with a regular ver limiter instead of go to another tuner and trust the luck....

When I have more news I'll update, maybe with pics lol

Regarding numbers, I had 181hp and 152nm on the last tune, after that I changed the twin loop for a vibrant flat black 2.5", what do you think that it'll put down with the new muffler and the rebuilt head and tb?????????? I'm thinking of 185hp and 155nm, what do you guys think???????