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By Ronnie V
#359501 Blocks at my buddy's being drilled on.

We're meeting up when my cars done Vince. No if ands or buts.

The b18 is amazing and a pretty straight forward swap. Hope u get one In the near future.
By Ronnie V
#6908515 Wow it’s been a hot minute. Well after my engine mount bolts stripped out my block it’s been quite an adventure learning about the different unthought of aspects of having a project car haha. Anyways. My 9th gen si has put my eg on the back burner. I barely got it running a month ago but I had to try and re apply the timing belt due to installing aftermarket cams it’s just not lining up right. Last final is Thursday so I’ll have about a month of free time to mess with the car. My si has had all the attention tbh. Rbc swapped Im, zdx tb, catless dp, acuity custom Ss the whole works. 230 to the wheel vit tuned. Anywho I’m gonna be using this sites diy quite a bit here so I’ll be updating some pics soon. Have a lot to share haha. Hope all the old friends are all right.