Unfortunately, this is a risk of owning a Civic. All stolen vehicles should be posted here.
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By Classiccarsrule85
#74751 was the cadi stolen? probaly can get prints off of it and if they have been caught before (most likely) then they should get caught again.....
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By teal_dx
#74768 too bad most police don't care enough to spend the time taking prints. :(
Best thing to do is spread the word of your car and what it had and hope somebody sees the parts surface someplace.

I don't know what kind of security he had on the car, but constantly worrying about having your hatch stolen is really making it difficult to enjoy owning one :thumbdown:
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By Vti93T
#74772 yeah I hear that..I'm going to AZ on sunday till the 26th and well I'm freakin locking that shit up tight!

Oh and the things he said that were on the car worth stealing were the rims and the seats..and maybe the center console.
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#74780 damn that sucks bad. i loved his car. u cant even own a nice honda anymore
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By Greasedmonkey
#74822 It was taken from my apartments some time during the night. I walked out to go to work and noticed it wasnt there. I called the police, filed the report and proceeded to text everyone in my cell phone to let them know to keep an eye out. I have still not heard anything at all. Im planning to fix my other one to drive it or get a z31 AE turbo. Going today after work to look at it. I also found a nice clean OBD1 DA teg too.

To get my other ones road worthy, I will need more than just the motor rebuild now. Most of the parts were in the stolen car becuase they were better than what came in that hatch.

Ill need:
New cluster
Center Console, Audio Console and Armrest.
Front seats, Rear seats(If I can find teg ones)
New rims and tires.
New stock hood
All the AC parts.
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By Faded_Milano
#74830 will insurance pay for it?
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By Greasedmonkey
Faded_Milano wrote:will insurance pay for it?

I just had Liability on the stolen car. Insurance would cover repairing my first hatch anyways.

I have two teal hatches. One has the LS swap and the other was a stock Single cam. They stole the Single cam hatch.
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By Greasedmonkey
#74883 *update*

I had a friend call me just a few minutes ago saying that he saw my car on the back of a tow truck being taken somewhere. He just told me that it didnt have rims from what he could see.


Car is found. I went to go look at it. I have pictures that I will post up when uploaded.

They Took:

LS meshies w/tires
CF Duckbill
Audio Console
Shift knob/boot
Shifter trim console

They left my seats and motor and cargo cover alone.
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By Greasedmonkey
#74892 More pics are in the Build thread.

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By biretsu89
#74896 I know it still sucks that they took that shit... the audio console and armrest alone is expensive.. but congrats on the find dude... you still have your hatch again...
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By Gorveatt
#74908 Good that you got the expensive and most important part back, sucks they took stuff though
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By Civic_HatchSI
#74938 glade it was found, could of been worse... but still sucks of course :(
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By Vti93T
#74960 I'm so glad you got your hatch back blake! If you need any help with anything let me know