Unfortunately, this is a risk of owning a Civic. All stolen vehicles should be posted here.
By subtle_driver
#302388 hi guys thanks for looking!
I'm the owner of the civic! Thank you for posting this thread as I was too busy with police report and gathering surveillance videos.

I'm looking every day, driving around trying to find my car!
please help find it, and get one honda/car steeling person off the streets.

there is a cash reward for info and capture of thief. or if they turn themselves in or return car, i will not press charges, under condition they never do this to anyone again.

repost this forum link everywhere! Thank you!


http://www.sdrev.com/forums/showthread. ... post333273

funny thing i got this ad flagged already, prolly the thief.
here is the discription from cl incase its flagged again.

VIN: 2HGEH3394RH520416

Getting police video soon,
hope the guy is smart and gives up the car before he goes to jail.
help stop more hondas from getting stolen and re post this add everywhere and tell everyone about it!

inside car:
Had hero camera and two helmets one grey and black, other red stripe white
pair of new old navy pants 32x34
green tote box with random racing stuff and wrist bands timers tire pressure gauges air pumps
Grey tool box, plastic
Red jawbone jambox
my tools in grey/black plastic tool box with missing handle

on car:
crappy sony stereo with stuck and scratched fast forward button
broken antenna

has sun roof
front lip with scratched paint and chipped paint on passenger side plus cooling ducts
wide concave rear view mirror
lots of bondo and some cracks on passenger side rear fender
missing both honda badges
rear wiper
new radiator
new factory alternator
black with bumper damage on right rear
integra black leather seats
bronze multi-spoke c8 rims 15 inch
lowered with skunk 2 adjustable springs and red adjustable front upper arms
I just rebuilt with wrinkle paint on valve cover and white coating on exhaust heat shield
still has blue painters tape on doors and fenders from autocross.
had almost 200k miles on odometer, 199,600?
yellow fogs with hid headlights
possible painted different color and switched vin.
any info will get rewarded, or if criminal brings back car, they will get charges dropped and be forgiven, don't do it anymore! You have my word!

dissapeared at night from 9:30pm Saturday April 14th-till 3am sunday April 15 2012. In front of aero drive police station.

I don't have full coverage insurance so this is a total loss.

please call me back or the police if you see it or any of my stuff. Might have different plates and vin number plate switched and maybe even different color.

Help get these criminals behind bars and stop one less guy from steeling your honda or other car next!

Be aware if you are buying one as this is stolen property.

sdclubracing.com/index.php?option=com_kunena&Itemid=2&func=view&cat id=19&id=6511
Link to website with images.

$1,000+ Reward if your information leads directly to the recovery of my car. $2,000 or more if the thief gets caught! Being a nice guy and doing it for free is good too cause i am selling my other car for the reward money!

760-315-2372 -Justin

thank you very much
God bless.
By JohnRM
#302417 Saw your post on the SCCA forums. I might have something you'd like . Mesage me or if you're coming to the SCCA practice this saturday, find me with a Blue EG civic sedan.
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By 1ACarlos
#302436 Hope you find your car and sorry about what happened.
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By Hatch-O-Doom
#302445 Damn man! Sorry this happened to you!

I know how it feels to have a car stolen, My Civic Was stolen a year ago and I was devistaeted!

Fuck theifs! I wish Cancer and rape upon them! and there fathers and mothers for rasiing a theif!


Hope you find it man! with everything there!
By subtle_driver
#302978 i found my own car, but it was wrecked. drivable tho. I have it for sale on craigslist in san diego, the damage isn't terrible and can be fixed in a weekend. just needs panels and straitening. there was no frame damage thank goodness. if i don't sell it as is, i will fix it and drive it.
By JohnRM
#302986 Justin,

if you're still interested with the tracking device, LMK! I'll give you all the information you need and a sample from my own
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By familyEGuy23
#303000 :shock: sorry to hear about that bro my garage got broken into on Friday the same week! Fu*k thieves :x
I'll keep my eyes out I stay in the valley inland empire I know the feeling of having your stuff stolen that you worked so hard to get luckily they didn't take my car only valuable parts :x