Unfortunately, this is a risk of owning a Civic. All stolen vehicles should be posted here.
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By thecrow
#175871 gunna copy paste this off another forum.


well i didnt think id be writing this. i guess no IA for me.

stolen METRO DETROIT between 12 and 330 am.

parts to look for

skunk 2 springs and struts
blox lca's
super clean del sol 96-97 ( all black ) interrior.
omp wheel and hub. cleared sparkle. black with super faded yellow stiching
97 front bumper. type r style lip.

it was rusty and in winter mode.

thanks guys.

p.s. next time you fuckers are gunna get shot.
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By thecrow
#175872 Image

gunna miss my baby. glad i sold all the stuff off before winter tho.

my advice to everyone. lojack.
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By Classiccarsrule85
#175901 im not in detroit but ill definately keep an eye out on ebay and craigslist.....that freaking sucks....
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By thecrow
#175938 thanks guys. all the 96-97 stuff should be easier to spot.
By Trippsol
#175954 Damn, I hope those thieves are caught :x