D15, D16, D17 and Mini-Me swaps
By rusty_eg3
#6908597 I've decided that it's not worth to fix my d15b2's oil burning problem, and I will keep the engine in my basement just in case.

This brings me to my question. A friend just wrecked his Civic and he made me a really good offer on his d15b7 that doesn't burn any oil and even sounds better than mine (~ 120k miles).

I've read countless opinions on fully synth oil so my head is spinning right now. I want to know your opininon as experimented Civic drivers. Is it worth to use fully synth oil in this engine? This friend that will give me the engine has never used such oil, pretty sure he always buys the cheapest one he can find.
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By teal_dx
#6908601 On an older stock engine that isn't pushed to the extreme, I don't think synthetic is needed. I used synthetic in my boosted Z6 and couldn't tell you any difference. The owner's manual for the 92-95 civic never called for synthetic, just that the oil/filter is changed every 3k miles. What matters most is the frequency of oil changes. Also don't cheap on the filter... I use Mobil 1 filters on everything because it has the 1-way seal inside that retails oil in the filter while the engine is off, helping to prevent that split second of oil starvation at start after a long sit. Some other filter brands have that too.
By rusty_eg3
#6908602 Thank you for your answer. I was asking because where I live the winter is super harsh, temps can go down to -4 F and summers are super hot, like 95 F, and I know that regular oil tends to not like these extreme temperatures, especially lower ones. And also thank you for your clarification about that 1-way seal, I heard it before and it sounded like marketing lies to me. Thanks again!