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By teal_dx
#358851 The "Will EG's ever become collectible" thread got me thinking back to the mid 90's when I was in high school and all the 80's cars that my friends and I used to beat on and learn how to wrench (half-assed) on.

There were a lot of cool 80's cars/trucks that were very affordable in the 90's and were usually first cars/beaters. I feel bad about abusing some of them now, since they seem to be extinct.

Post pics of some of the 80's cars you grew up with that are now extinct, or super rare to see in person. Here's a few from my youth:

1988 Ford Escort GT A friend had one of these and it was a blast to drive. I haven't seen one of these in person in 15+ years.

Cavalier Z24 Hatchback A friend had one in HS, I've never seen another one since. Always thought they were cool.

1988 Beretta GT / GTU These were everywhere. Pic is a GTU with factory body kit and nicer wheels. I had an 88 GT v6 5-speed for a couple of years, sold it when I got my first Honda, an 88 Prelude. (And where did all the 3rd gen Preludes go?)