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By teal_dx
#358524 I remember the arcade game in the late 80's/early 90's and it was the most realistic driving game at that time. (lol by today's standards, or even the year 2000's standards)
I didn't know it was available across so many home game system platforms. Most of them were so slow/shitty looking, that I can't believe they actually released the game for those systems. It wasn't until the PS2 (end of video) that there was finally a processor good enough to handle the graphics and speed on a home console. The arcade version is still the best :thumb:

Have a good laugh at your childhood:
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By EconoBox
#358530 I played every driving game I could get my hands on!

I remember playing hard race on console. I've never seen it at an arcade.

One really cheesy game the stood out from my childhood was Megarace. I grew up playing this on DOS. :lol:

Link to the horrible intro and some gameplay.
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By EconoBox
#358534 I never sat through it... I really am going to give away that I'm younger. But I was 5 it came out and I'd had my own Hewlett Packard PC growing up. Played tons of DOS games this came free with my dads computer so of course it got handed over to me.

At the time the game was a lot of fun and the graphics were enjoyable. Really fun to look back at some of these old games.