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By Loaf31
#343842 Hello people of the internet!
I'm new on this forum, but I have owned a Frost White EG8 civic for about a year now and have done a good amount of modifications to it.
Here's a list!

As of 12/01/16

Most Recent Picture:

- Chipped Phearable ECU
- D16A6 Camshaft
- NGK Plugs & Wires
- Rebuilt Cylinder head
- PWJDM Rad Stay
- Polished Short Ram Intake
- Nokya Polished Reservoir Cover
- Hoso Racing Dress Up Kit
- Mugen Oil Cap
- Cusco Battery Tie Down
- DNA Motoring Header Back Exhaust
- 18" Glasspack Resonator
- Wrapper Headers
-15x8 0 Offset Diamond Racing Steelies
- 165/45/15 Front + Rear
- eBay Coil Sleeves
- LoTek Struts
- eBay Rear Camber Kit
- eBay Tubular front camber kit
- Extended top hats
- Front 3-Point Upper Strut Bar
- GSR 23mm Front Sway Bar
- Emusa Rear LCA's
- Hood Bra
- Coupe front bumper
- BYS Rep Front Lip
- OEM JDM Ferio Spoiler
- JDM Emblems
- Konkord Rear Tow hook
- Sparco Tow Strap
- Plasti Dipped Roof
- Black Housing Headlights
- Amber Corner Lights
- Spoon Mirrors
- JdmSpeed Bumper Quick Releases
- Yakima Roof Racks
- IronFist Roof Cargo Basket
- Rain Visors
- 50/50 tails
- Antenna Delete
- NRG Short Hub
- NRG Gen 2.8 Quick Release
- Momo Monte Carlo Steering Wheel
- Mario Bobble-head
- JDM Train Handle
- JDM Wink Mirror
- EX Gauge Cluster
- Carbon Fiber Gauge Cluster Bezel
- LED Gauge Cluster lights
- GSR shift knob
- OEM Tan Armrest
- OEM Tan Integra Seats
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By Loaf31
#343843 Image


Mods I hope to do in the future:
- Tinted Windows
- JDM Corner Lights
- HID Kit (6K)
- Fogs (?)
- Short Shifter

Will try to update regularly! and also would like to join some sort of white EG8 group on here!
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By Loaf31
#343855 I ordered my tow hooks about 3 days ago, and they should be here by Tuesday, April 1st. Excited to put those babies on. The front bumper is off to clean before installation.


Head was recently rebuilt and honed while we were replacing the blown head gasket. Still blowing lots of white smoke, so we think we put it on backwards.
So, we got a new head gasket and are gonna put it on correctly this time. Should have pics of that in the next couple days. Wish me luck!
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By Loaf31
#343901 Installed my Konkord tow hooks today.



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By Loaf31
#343981 Thanks! They were like 19.99 on eBay.

In other news, I had changed the head gasket about a month ago because it was blowing a white smoke, and it was properly blown. Also, went and got the head milled and rebuilt. Put it back on with all new gaskets and did an oil and coolant change. Still was blowing white smoke...
So we thought that maybe we but the HG on backwards, so yesterday we bought a new head gasket and took the head off again, and it was actually on the correct way. There are two holes on the Camshaft sprocket side of the head that let oil into the head, and we thought those holes were blocked by the head gasket that we thought we put on backwards. So, we replaced the Head gasket with the new one, and bolted everything to spec. At the time when we started it after replacing the HG for the 2nd time, we were running open headers. Started it up, and it blew a LOT of white smoke for at least 5 minutes. Any thoughts? I'm really stumped. I have no idea what could be wrong. Someone help. :? :cry:
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By brandoff88
#343984 coolant is some making its way into your cylinders...did you take a flat edge and feeler gauges to make sure the deck of the block was square and true (completely flat) and did you make sure to get new headbolts, I believe they stretch when torqued down the first time and will never completely seal again after being used..also what motor is it?
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By teal_dx
#343987 Unfortunately the headbolts for the D15b7 are expensive (if you use OEM parts)

At this point, I'd look into a set of ARP head studs because it's only another $20 or so than a set of D15b7 head bolts from the dealership. The benefit is that you can use ARP head studs over and over because they are not stretch bolts like the OEM bolts for the D15b7.

(D16y7/y8 head bolts are not stretch bolts, can be re-used and cost 1/3 of the D15b7 head bolts, go figure... they don't fit the D15b7/D16z6 though)
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By Loaf31
#344046 Thanks for the info guys. I'll check into it! :)

But, bad news...

I just did a compression test.
(From left to right)

Cylinder 1) 85 PSI
Cylinder 2) 112 PSI
Cylinder 3) 112 PSI
Cylinder 4) 60 PSI

The internet tells me the compression should be 185 PSI across the board, with a minimum of 135 on all cylinders.
So, If this means that i need new piston rings, I might cry. :cry: :thumbdown:
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By Loaf31
#344093 Random engine bay picture

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By Loaf31
#344094 some pics of cleaning the inside of my hood.

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By Loaf31
#344193 Bump? Someone help me figure out what's wrong with my engine. :cry:
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By Loaf31
#344428 Wish I could, but I don't really have that much money at the moment.
I'm prolly gonna have my mechanic take a look at it.
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By Loaf31
#344429 Just did another compression test with a new tester cause the old one was broken. Here are the results.

(From left to right)

Cylinder 1) 120 PSI
Cylinder 2) 135 PSI
Cylinder 3) 145 PSI
Cylinder 4) 110 PSI

Any ideas?