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By EconoBox
#425441 With starting 2 new businesses I've been really tight on money so there is no way I can currently afford to actually install the K swap the way I want until I see some return on my investments. I also need to still figure out a way to get the swap home from my friends shop :lol: jsut something else to take up space with the TSX.

The $200 Civic is no longer a $200 Civic. I spent the weekend going all out on the front suspension components. With the weather and heat I just wanted to get the work done so I will try to snap some pictures tonight.

I'd like to say it was a pretty successful weekend and I can't wait to drive the car again.
-I installed a new power steering rack, however, I remove all of the power steering parts and lines and filled and looped the rack. I found it on Amazon Prime from Detroit Axle. Included outer tie rods, inner tie rods, boots, rack, FREE SHIPPING, and a lifetime warranty. $176.99

-Both new front axles. Old one literally crumbled and fell to pieces when I pulled them out. New GSP units from Amazon Prime as well. Driver's $46.74, passenger $46.02. Free second day shipping.

-Also installed a full energy suspension master bushing set. Haven't installed the rear suspension yet that's for next weekend. For now I installed all the front lower control arm bushings, and the upper control arm bushings as well. $have to double check the price but with rear trailing arm bushings it was around $170.

- Everything was so messed up, dirty, and broken in the front end that I missed diagnosing the passenger wheel bearing being totally shot. I placed an order with my local Napa for a KOYO bearing and should have it in my hands in a couple hours along with some new lower ball joints. Hopefully I can get this installed on my lunch break today. Also will finally force me install the brakes I bought for the car and have been avoiding doing.

That's all the important stuff. If you want to hear about the weather and brush fires I've been dealing with keep reading.

My area has been subject to some pretty large (by Florida standards) brush fires over the last week. My subdivision was threatened by a 30+ acre fire, set by some young kids, a few days ago. Had to leave work early and luckily managed to know a back way to walk to my house as police had closed the road to allow the fire department to work.

Wind was blowing toward my neighborhood and with just a 4 lane road between a 30 acre fire and the neighborhood the fire department was so worried about the fire jumping they were spraying the front of the subdivision with water and had asked all of us to turn on our sprinkler systems (or use a hose to wet our lawns).

This weekend was another brush fire over 70 acres burning just a few miles away. Temperatures were up in the 90s with ridiculously high humidity and no rain and all I've been able to smell for a week straight is smoke. This morning it looks like the fire is up to 90% contained so hopefully this cold front brings much needed rain for us this week.
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By EconoBox
#425442 I forgot to post the worst/best news about the Civic.

I've been having oil consumption/ oil leaking issues since I bought the car. New PCV valve, and all the top end seals have helped but not eliminated the issue and the car is still drinking 3 quarts or so a month. There are 2 obvious leaks left that need addressed, one is the oil pan gasket the other is the corners of the head gasket on the distributor side, a known issue on this motor.

I finally managed to have some free time on lunch last week and hooked up a compression tester. I'm trying to find time to run a leak down test but the tester is always tied up at work and as helpful as the techs are I don't want to get in the way borrowing tools they need.

Cylinder 1 - 185
Cylinder 2 - 190
Cylinder 3 - 100
Cylinder 4 - 200

Well Cylinder 3 is obviously an issue. Those numbers were a dry test on a warmed up engine. I went ahead and added a cap full of oil to cylinder 3 and did the compression test again and the numbers stayed the same at 100 psi. It looks like the car may have a burnt exhaust valve and the smoke in the exhaust is likely just valve seals. The spark plugs were caked up with very light oil residue and overall didn't look bad at all except on cylinder 3. I do have the header off from doing the steering rack over the weekend and I haven't been able to get a good look down to the back of the valves in cylinder 3 but the valve stems I can see are completely caked up with carbon/oil build up so I'm thinking I'm on the right track. A friend already donated a D15b7 head that he said he has no use for and has just been sitting in his garage. It has been decked, had a valve job, and new valve seals installed. Still going to be over $200 in gaskets and parts to do the timing belt at the same time (might as well).

The problem is should I waste the money putting another head and all the gaskets on or just deal with the embarrassing smoke until I can afford the K swap?
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By EconoBox
#425770 Everything apart:

New wheel bearing and ball joint ready for the new hubs to be pressed in.

Everything back in except knuckles.

My hubs finally showed up last night and I finished getting the car back together. Didn't take any pictures because it was late and I wanted to finish. Did the best alignment I could with some boards and a tape measure and the car feels so much better! Must be pretty close to what this car felt like new in 1993.

What all I installed:
Powerstop Ceramic Pads
Centric Blank Rotors
Moog front lower ball joints
Koyo (OEM) wheel bearings
DuraGo (From Amazon) front Hubs
GSP Axles
Detroit Axle re manufactured power steering rack (lifetime warranty!)
Detroit Axle outer tie rods
Energy Suspension master bushing set (all of the front is installed now)

This weekend I'm going to inspect the drums and wheel cylinders and install the rear trailing arm and lower control arm bushings. Should make the car drive even better. Then I'll flush and bleed the brakes and get an alignment at work Monday. Overall I can tell you properly installed polyurethane bushings are a must have upgrade.
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By EconoBox
#6906933 Started my week of great... got a flat right around half way between work and my house. Quick call to AAA and I ended up getting to work only a few minutes late. I have no spare but I was expecting this to happen in the near future. The previous owner had a mix and match set of bald used tires on the car and I was just being cheap and seeing how long they would last.


I got online and logged in to my tire vendor to pick up some new tires to slap on the car... but somewhere along the way I got distracted on Facebook market place and picked these up for $260 delivered! I just nicely told the guy I didn't have a way to pick them up but I had cash and he said he was willing to bring them to my job and drop them off so I would have a car to drive home.


Nice little set of 15 inch Rota Slipstreams with 205/50r15 Kumho Ecsta tires. Its a huge improvement in ride quality and handling. Now I want to lower it...
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By teal_dx
#6906934 Slips with tires for $260?!?! Nice work!
I love how the center of the steelies only have rust where there were holes in the wheel cover :lol: