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By iLLson
#352862 Name is wilson.

New to forum and decided to share my build.
It will be slow...since im only hunting for deals.

I had previous builds that went south fast due to improper parts and the "i dont care" attitude.

This time i will try to do it right.

bought the car for $600 with 173k miles and a clean title

Car: 1995 civic dx hb
Automatic trans
Beat up d15b7

plans will be to make it a simple build.
Nothing excessive ie. wire tuck/shaved bay/negative camber/stretch tires/hellaflush/stance bs
trying to keep it kinda oem
Use quality parts where it matters
Keeping the d15b7
5 speed swap

This will be a daily driver build
Since i am building a honda ruckus on the side


Championship White NH0 respray
First moulding replica lip
Rear Spoon replica duckbill
Tinted Tail lights
Hood Bra
Oe Mudguards
Spoon Rep Side Mirrors
Devsport front splitter

NRG short hub
NRG v1 Quickrelease
Dc2 non srs steering wheel
NRG FRP300 fixed bucket seat
3" Shifter Extender
Mugen Shift Knob

Tanabe Sustec Pro Coilovers
Unknown strut bar imported from japan
ST Rear Sway Bar
Emusa Rear subframe brace
16x7.5 Racing Hart Type C 3 piece wheels
Scare bird rear disc brakes conversion
91 ex master cylinder
Integra rear disc brakes
Goodridge stainless brake lines on all 4 corners

EX Transmission (5 speed swap)
Exedy OE Clutch/Resurfaced OE Flywheel
ARP Hardware
Spoolin Performance manifold
Shaved and refinished Valve Cover
Mugen Reservoir Socks
D16a6 camshaft
Aem 5 bolt adj cam gear
Milled .030 head
Y8 head gasket
Arp headstuds
Hondata im gasket
Arp headstuds
Turbonetics t3 .63 stg3
3" downpipe
2.5" exhaust
Twinloop muffler
440cc injectors
Hks bov
Tial wastegate
Ebay charge piping/intercooler
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By iLLson
#352863 As i bought it


Tein basics were purchased for $200 and the sparcos were free

Then threw on some sparcos and lowered on tein basics
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By FlopUrDonk
#352864 welcome to the white hatchy club. Nice and clean. U looking to swap anything into it?
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By iLLson
#352869 Clean err up


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By iLLson
#352870 Its a daily driver and dont plan to swap.

Living in ca sucks when it comes to emissions
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By FlopUrDonk
#352874 I feel u on the emissions thing. I live in sd. Are u doing the body and paint yourself?
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By iLLson
#352875 I manage a body shop so yes. Bodywork and paint will be done by me and my workers
By Josh721
#352877 Sick! What color are you choosing? And welcome! :thumb:
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By iLLson
#352879 Nh0 championship white


also picked up some new wheels that will be repainted


they were white rattle canned paint and now they have been stripped
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By iLLson
#352893 Basecoat


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By iLLson
#352915 5 speed swap with ex transmission completed


picked up this ex trans for $150.00

Came dirty and cleaned it up.
Oem resurfaced flywheel and exedy stg1 clutch

Paint complete.


This is during the cut and buff
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By iLLson
#352936 Image