Dash Seats, Steering Wheels etc... If it's inside your Civic then it's in here.
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By Cadaver
#6908615 Got lucky and scored an optional audio console for a whopping $20usd. The cubby door is missing and the trim it and the lighter is mounted to is broken. It's a clean break and def repairable, I was going to super glue it since its hidden behind the console but I figured you guys might know a better way. Also is there ANYWHERE or ANYONE I can get the cubby from? The chances of running up on another anytime soon are slim to none and I def don't want to drop $300+ for a complete one. Maybe someone has the OEM part numbers? I've ordered TONS of new old stock stuff for my 1986 Mazda B2K from the dealer but our local Honda dealer acted like I was crazy trying to order parts for my 1993 hatch?! They seemed to have an computer inventory with exploded diagrams and all the part numbers but the guy was adamant they wouldn't have any of that stuff :?

Edit: Also what's the best way to restore the finish? I've had good luck with Duplicolor's "adhesive promotor" plus normal spray paint. Not sure what brand/color matches oem black/charcoal.
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By teal_dx
#6908617 I don't know about the part #'s, but I can tell you that Duplicolor also has a Vinyl & Fabric spray paint that has the adhesion promoter already built into the paint formula. I've had good luck with it.
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By suspendedHatch
#6908621 You used to be able to order parts from Hondapartsunlimited or Majestic Honda, but the inventory on most things is depleted due to the popularity of restoring and maintaining Hondas.
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By deschlong
#6908836 If by 'cubby door' you mean the ashtray, then yes these are available as they were a rear seat ashtray on old Preludes. You can still find them.