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By berserksinawali
Can someone recommend a aftermarket driver seat that is an easy install and alllows the use of stock seat belt? My 94 civic hatchback still runs good but the seat is worn out and I can not find comfortable used seats in the junk yard. they are worn out to.
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By teal_dx
#6908590 Are you looking to spend big bucks on something like Recaro or Corbeau, or go with a generic/no-name seat from amazon or ebay? Have you checked your yard for Del Sol or Integra seats as well? Swap Sel Sol seats with your EG seat rails and they'll bolt in. 94-01 Integra and 96-00 Civic seats/rails will bolt in your EG as-is.
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By Cadaver
#6908616 Probably not what you want since you mentioned comfort but the Sparco Sprint is the best "cheap" fixed back I've found, comes in 3 colors. FIA certified plus already has the crotch hole for a 5pt harness. Saw them on Amazon awhile back for 300 with free shipping