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By rusty_eg3
#6908031 Hello, as the title says, my s20 grinds the second gear and also has that 'whistle' in all gears. Oil has been changed in april with Amsoil Synchromesh 5w30 but since then it's been abused badly: touge runs, overtaking traffic in third at 6k rpm, 190 km/h on the interstate (d15b2 top speed :D) and is also a daily. A friend offered me another s20 but it pops out of reverse. So my question is: should I search for another good trans? I was thinking to take that one and just swap the reverse gear from my dead transmission. Is it a good idea? A friend will help me, not planning to take it to a shop and pay more than the car is worth.

Oh and I will use honda trans fluid in the new gearbox, maybe the amsoil was too thin and that messed up my bearings and synchros whatever.
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By teal_dx
#6908035 If you're keeping the car for a while, it's worth to tear the trans down and fix it 100%. 90's hondas mostly have high miles by this time, so most used transmissions are going to have something wrong with them. But if you want to work with what you have available, a reverse popping tranny sounds like a cheaper/easier fix than the one in your car now. Once you pop the case open though, you might find that it's a good time to replace the gear sets, so it's not worn to the point of grinding in another 10k miles.