A place to share civic or other car videos
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By teal_dx
#4988 I created this section after seeing how many videos we post! Let's put the Civic + all other automotive related videos in here. If there are other videos that are not automotive related, they should go in the Junk Yard.

When you post a link to a video that's not on a video hosting site like YouTube, Google Video, or Myspace, etc, please post the size (MB).
This way users can know to "save as" and watch from their computer, rather than click and stream the video. This will save us from watching the hour glass or having the video get choppy while streaming. :thumb:
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By TrailerTrash
hood wrote:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdAWkjHm8k8&t=13s :)

that was sad dude

and quite a slick looking EF