Topics that apply to all 92-95 civics
By Ci-vick
#6908520 For those who have an aftermarket intake or a performance drop-in filters on their car, can you give a feedback on aFe air filter Pro Dry S? Does the car breathe better than stock filter? How about any improvements after you installed it? I've seen that it is reusable and cleans up with soap and water or with just a vacuum.
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By EconoBox
#6908527 I've never used the aFe brand products. They seem to have good reviews.

The concept of the filter being washable is pretty common.

AEM makes a dry synthetic filter you just wash dry and reuse. K&N makes filters you wash and re-oil and reuse. They both are great and last for years.

I've used the AEM cone filter on custom intake tubes for my last several cars all with no issues. Great flow, sound, and durability.

Good luck.