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By Cucharasports
#6909150 Long story short I have swapped my EX sedan. Had a D16z6 now has a JDM B18C. It runs and drives but keeps flying ECU's. I've gone thru 3 ECU's and I've looked at most of the connectors but am lost now. Any input would he greatly appreciated. :x
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By teal_dx
#6909151 I would start by checking the wiring for a short. Long and tedious job but I'd do that before throwing any more ECUs at it
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By EconoBox
#6909160 Check your connectors on the back of the intake manifold. Several of the connectors are identical other than wiring color and if you hook the wrong ones up you can pop components on the ECU.

If I remember right swapping the purge connector and IAT is the common one to cause issues. Make sure the intake air temp sensor has the correct connector hooked up. It should be a connector with two wires one will be (Green/white) the other wire will be (Red/Yellow). The purge solenoid will have a (Yellow/Black) and (Red).

IAT will be the white sensor that is held into the manifold by two phillips head screws.