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By courtottman
#114619 whoahhhh, this is def going to come in handy, on behalf of eg's worldwide ty :thumb:
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By Gorveatt
#116450 added carbon fiber hatch installation by Holly
By KuEy
#117639 i just posted a DIY red tweed door panel insert in the interior section of the forum. if you think it's an ok or detailed write up, you can also put it up on the first post as well. thanks. all the other DIYs that are up are really helping with ideas.
By danomatic93
#117720 DIY Combination Switch Fix (Headlight Switch) AND Wiper Comb:

DIY: 94-01 Integra Cluster into 92-95 Civic:

DIY: EG Cluster and Dash Lighting Modifications:

DIY: Sidemarker Wiring:

DIY: Coilover sleeves:

DIY EG "Headlights On" Warning Chime:

DIY Parking Pole on LHD Civic:
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By Eg6H2D
#123290 Has anyone ever tried to do a 5 lug conversions from scrath on an EG? Im thinking of doing my own.. Probably do a how to write up.. Ill keep ya posted..
By Nitto_408
#157934 how 2 install JDM/OEM Window Visors?
i dont wanna fuk the clips up
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By HondaHoe187
#162828 ok im flippin pissed right now cuz i just took off my itm off of my d15 head and am replacing it with a z6 and i found that there is one less coolant line on the z6 what do i do can neone help me? ive read somewhere about bypassing some coolant line on the itm to make ur engine run better for a longer peoriod of time....does ne one know about this and if you do point me in the right dirrection or give me the thread....and if ne one is wondering i got a whole vtec head but i wanted to wait till summer to put the whole heaad on..i painted the itm and i was bored today so i tried to put it on my d15 and now im stuck please help me thanx fellas
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By Gorveatt
#189376 The thread isn't Teal doing DIY's for people, it's adding DIY's from others that post them on the site.
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By Gorveatt
#189670 Added DIY Sedan Fog Light install by 94_jdm_ferio