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By roobarbjapan
#6908625 Hello all, I'm a Brit living in Tokyo and just got my hands on an EG6 SiR II. I have been waiting for this for literally years! When I lived in the UK I owned a few Vauxhall Corsas (Holden Barina, Opel Corsa, not sure what they are called in the states?) but I am new to Honda's so I am hoping to learn a lot from this site. Anyway, nice to meet you all and please take it easy on a Honda virgin! :D
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By TrailerTrash
#6908644 Welcome!

PICS :x :x :x

Check out the DIY section
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By roobarbjapan
#6908702 Evening all :)
Sorry for the late reply, I have been rather busy! Here is a pic and I can assure you it did happen lol

This is from last weekend when I took her upto the mountains not too far from Tokyo.
So far I have mainly been trying to fix small issues. Since I got the car I had the water pump and timing belt done.
New pads and discs all around and Toyo proxes all around. The rear coil overs were seized and the fronts weren't much better so I bought and fitted some Tein flex Zs, I cant go to low because the curbs are monsters where I live lol. I stripped most of the interior looking for rust and its pretty much solid so I was really pleased. I deleted the aerial antenna. Bought a new main relay because she wouldn't start on hot days (if you have seen the news Tokyo was ridiculously hot recently). Resprayed a few bits and pieces black to tidy her up. She came with an ATC wheel but it was too small for me so I switched it to a ATC sports classic that was a little bigger and last of all some new PIAA wipers. Oh i forgot! The wheels are Enkei racing peaks which were on the car when I got it but they were still in their original finish and disgusting so I sprayed them white, its only a temporary job until I either get them blasted and resprayed or change wheels... Next on the list is drive shafts and engine mounts because mine are not so healthy. I think that's about it! :)
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By EconoBox
#6908703 Beautiful car! Congratulations. I'm still working on tracking down my perfect EG9 SIR to import.