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By HubbaBubba
#6908614 Hello everyone, my name is Marko and i'm from Croatia, 26 years old and my friends say that i'm too much of a vw guy. So I decided to change things up a bit so i sold my mk3 golf and started over with my first ever honda and it is civic eg with b16a2 swap.

Engine seems to be in very good condition but there lots of electrical problems, some rusty bits and few mechanichal things to sort out.

I love to see that there is whole comunity dedicated to EG civics because soon i will have a lot of questions and i hope i will find answers need here!

Some details about car:

It's yellow (i love it, cops love it, everybody loves it), it's b16a2 swap with 255k kilometers on clock, car has MB6 dash swap done very poorly (electrical problems and lot's of broken parts with missing screws...), also car has VTI brake swap with brembo front discs and pads, VTI seats, and some other cute bits like KONI coilovers and Japan Racing rims...

For now i love VTEC expirience (more than VTEC i love how my EG trunk opens) and honda life. My friend who got me in to hondas has 6gen coupe with k20 swap and that car kinda made me want a yellow lawnmover with 8k rev range...

That is all from me for now folks, i hope you don't mind my messy english.... See yall in few days with a lot of questions! :twisted:
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By TrailerTrash
#6908642 Welcome :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: