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By EGCoupeKyleG
#6908626 Hey guys! I have a 1994 civic ex and the d16 that's in it right now is going bad. I'm pretty sure this isnt a popular swap but I just wanted to know if the wiring harness would be the same for the D16z6 and the D15B with vtec and if i needed to get a new PCM for the D15B? Thanks!
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By teal_dx
#6908627 Are you referring to the JDM D15B (vtec)? That's a pretty common swap for a tired out D16z6, as the motors are similar in power. The D15B uses a P08 ecu, but some people use the d16z6 P28 ecu instead of P08 because P28's are everywhere. The fuel curves aren't exactly the same, so a chip and tune would be ideal to get the P28 perfect for the JDM D15B.

Or did you mean the US D15b7 from the dx/lx? That would be a step down and would require the correct ecu (P06) since it's non vtec and also has a very different fuel curve from the P28.