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By Darrell Woods
#361339 As for the CXracing 6073 turbo. I disassembled it and sent it off for Cryogenic treatment, Same thing I did with my Twisted Motion 5063.. Cryo Treatment Seriously Strengthens the Entire turbo. Hence my Not having Any issues with reliability or function..
By Darrell Woods
#361344 I'm Running 9.2 to 1 nominal compression. That seriously Aids in Fast spool. And a Well set up Turbo system. Not throwing money at it. I Hand ported the head myself on this first build.. researched this to death. During the Engine build up, i made many changes as i Gained a great deal of Insight thru Many Race engine builders here in Houston area. In addition to the 40 years Experience I have as Auto tech. .Obviously Luck plays a part in it as well. To say I Tech's this thing to death Is without a doubt, an understatement .. Took a year to complete the engine and got it tuned.
Jason Herrera @ stoopid South Houston. The best tuner I have Ever personally met. Yes. Every Angle I could think of and My serious minded Race Buddy's advise and Huge Amounts of research and a but of luck, Made it all happen. Never losing focus on the end result. Yes. I don't play when building cars..
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By teal_dx
#361387 That's the way to do it - right the first time :thumb:
I'd like to check out your setup, you should make a build thread in the Your Ride section sometime 8)