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By Darrell Woods
#357132 Engine is Almost completed for turbocharging.
9 to 1 compression. Vitra pistons fully coated/ JDM 4340 h-beam rods. Head fully flow bench ported/bisimoto 2.4 turbo cam. Crower stainless valves and valve springs ti retainers.
Skunk 2 pro intake 70mm throttle body throttle body. Tricked out p28 ecu. Hondata s300 v3. Now Picking a Turbo system..
This area I plead ignorance all help is appreciated
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By teal_dx
#357138 It really depends on your power goals. You're built to handle some decent power (you didn't mention ARP hardware- hope that's in the plans)
Is this a street car or dyno queen?
Here's a DIY on how to install a turbo setup on a D16z6:
By HeikDiesel
#357164 I have a few friends with GoAutowoks shelf kits. For the price I don't think you can go wrong. You can piece together a kit or you can go with companies like Full Race or others. Again, it's all what your budget can handle and what your power goals are.
By Darrell Woods
#357169 This is my first Jap build. I built and have several nice American hotrods.
This is a HOT Street and weekend at the track car. Yes ARP Head studs and rod bolts.
I am building it to hopely get over 425 whp on E85 alcohol. ID 1000CC Injecters and AEM E85 compatible 340 LPH fuel pump. AEM fuel rail and fuel regulator.
Think about average of around 16 to 24 lbs of boast.
By OregonEJ1boy
#361299 also has a great DIY T3/T04E turbo kit with all piping, radiator, and intercooler plus everything else for like S700 at most. Thats what I went with in my d16z6. I am running 9 psi on all stock internals. The nice thing is if you decide to do a b-series swap, the only thing you have to buy is the exhaust manifold. :woot:
By Darrell Woods
#361300 I finished my Turbo build a long while back. I made 390whp @ 19lbs of boost.
Right now I am Building a Wicked ass d16z6 set up. Endyne out of Fort worth Texas. Did my Race Porting work. Re sleeved my D16z6 block with Darton mid sleeves. Notched the Block to Clearance the New Manley forged Steel rods and Wisco pistons 75.5mm . honda factory Oil pump Fully blueprinted and Opened up. Using Honda colored Rod and Main bearings to Tighten up my clearances to .0011 on the rod bearings and the same on the mains as well. I going to Push Up the Boost to 26lbs. Should be running well over 450whp now..
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By EconoBox
#361331 I have to agree with HeikDiesel. The eBay turbos are really hit or miss with quality. You hear some great results and horror stories with them. At the very least I'd step up to a journal bearing Turbonetics Turbo, they come with a great warranty and a ton of great reviews for the price. The reliability of stepping up to a quality ball bearing turbo and adding a couple of cooling lines is worth the cost to me... which is also why my TSX still isn't turbocharged.
By Darrell Woods
#361339 As for the CXracing 6073 turbo. I disassembled it and sent it off for Cryogenic treatment, Same thing I did with my Twisted Motion 5063.. Cryo Treatment Seriously Strengthens the Entire turbo. Hence my Not having Any issues with reliability or function..
By Darrell Woods
#361344 I'm Running 9.2 to 1 nominal compression. That seriously Aids in Fast spool. And a Well set up Turbo system. Not throwing money at it. I Hand ported the head myself on this first build.. researched this to death. During the Engine build up, i made many changes as i Gained a great deal of Insight thru Many Race engine builders here in Houston area. In addition to the 40 years Experience I have as Auto tech. .Obviously Luck plays a part in it as well. To say I Tech's this thing to death Is without a doubt, an understatement .. Took a year to complete the engine and got it tuned.
Jason Herrera @ stoopid South Houston. The best tuner I have Ever personally met. Yes. Every Angle I could think of and My serious minded Race Buddy's advise and Huge Amounts of research and a but of luck, Made it all happen. Never losing focus on the end result. Yes. I don't play when building cars..