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By teal_dx
#24839 We talked in the Moderator area about doing this thread for our 1 year anniversary. Everybody post who they think best fits each category.

For example :
biggest post whore = vtec_gloucester

and you can back up your vote with pics or quotes if you want. There can be more than 1 person per category and more than 1 category per person.
This is just for fun, but I'm sure some custom titles will result from this thread!

- most EG's owned
- most motors blown = Hereg6
- biggest wheel whore = dogfight, Chicago Mike
- most jdm = ferio3399
- oldest member
- youngest member = JDM michael, LaMbErT*
- posts funniest videos
- posts the most eg videos
- has the worst honda rust
- biggest post whore = vtec_gloucester
- fastest 1/4 mi
- nicest non-eg
- funnniest picture poster
- most insane swap petecivic
- most abused eg
- best diy bodywork
- best diy engine build York62, Chicago Mike, vtec_gloucester
- best diy turbo = sihatch9508
- most slammed eg
- drinks the most = LaMbErT*
- swears the most
- cleanest garage
- messiest garage = Rice2NiceEG
- most dirty eg
- most popular region = Philippines
- most popular state = Ohio
- worst accident in eg = Benji_Esi
- Most c/f = trls
- best diy = york
- automotive trivia champion = D15kid
- most time spent on
- best hatch
- best coupe
- best sedan
- best del sol
- biggest offtopic whore
- most $$ spent on their car
- most creative
- n00b of the year = B16nintyfiveCoupe
- posted the most gross video link = sihatch9508

Feel free to make up your own categories too!!
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By Graham
#24924 Think Lambert will be one of the youngest! Oh and he certainly wins for drinking the most :lol:

11 hours pretty much straight on the way to JAE - starting at 5am :lol:
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By LaMbErT*
#24931 fook trust me to get named first and for drinking! lol, nice sig graham

Blowing most motors has to be the gurl, yall know who im talking about!

Most c/f trls

best diy york
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By Bouli
#24948 Image
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By Hereg6
teal_dx wrote:haha yeah Hereg6 blew up like 3 D-series then got tired of it and went with an ITR swap :thumb:

:lol: damn turbo :wink:
but i do love the ITR :love:
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By teal_dx
#24976 what about most slammed EG... Nelson's green hatch comes to mind, it was pretty low. I can't think of any off the top of my head that were "slammed" though...
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By ChicagoMike
#24977 Most slammed either Nelson or EG6mon. :thumb:
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By Bouli
#24981 and the biggest offtopic whore ?

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By chnzgoofball
#24991 i think we should have best hatch, coupe and sedan if possible :thumb:
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By LaMbErT*
teal_dx wrote:Most Popular Region here in the states is Ohio :woot:

World wide, I think the Pinoy Invasion takes the prize :thumb:

fo' sho'
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By ohDirka
#24999 how about a catagory for the person who spends the most time on here, and best at automotive trivia