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By Eg3Gaz
#6908041 So my EG3 project didn't quote go to plan.... turns out after further inspection the car has had a hard side impact causing the chassis to twist slightly. I ran a HPI check on the car and it came back as a CAT C write off. Due to the current state of the car and mounting pressure from the landlord to get it moved I've decided to scrap it..... but..... I've managed to rent a small garage and I've purchased a 1994 EG5 with a B16A2 conversion. It's covered in body filler and needs welding however it's a full car that runs and drives with 10 months MOT. I paid £1000 ($1307.90) for it which isn't bad considering most B16 engines with transmissions are going for around £800. I've completely stripped the EG3 down to it's bare shell... But I'm not stopping there... Seen as it's only going to the scrap yard I'm going to cut the roof off and have my fabricator/welder reskin the roof on the EG5 to convert it to tin top. The EG3 stands me at £200 ($261.58) Thankfully all the bolt on body work is near mint condition so I have my money back there not to mention the full interior. The EG3 has an MB6 VTI sub frame and steering rack. I'm wondering if it's worth removing before it goes on the back of the scrap truck?

Screen shot 2017-10-23 at 21.17.26.png

Screen shot 2017-11-04 at 05.26.47.png
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By teal_dx
#6908042 I'm not sure of the VTI subframe/rack, as we never had that model in the US... but wondering why replace the roof?
By Eg3Gaz
#6908044 @teal_dx The reason I'm changing the roof skin is due to the sunroof leaking and causing certain areas to rot mainly the left hand side at the rear where the drain goes. Never been a fan on sunroofs as they're pointless here in the UK due to the amount of rain we get. Plus it's a fairly big weight saving once it's all removed and a much cleaner look.