What fits best, Weights & Sizes
By sentientprogram
#361359 Ok. I have been searching all kinds of threads and I found nothing that tells me about which offset is best. I've seen countless posts showing off their 15 wheels but no one seems to disclose their offset :?

Im looking to buy a set of 15 x 7 slipstreams, with stock height.
I dont want to modify my fenders or use spacers
I dont want to deal with any rubbing

My current set up:

94 Civic EG hatchback
Stock shocks
Stock Height
Polyurethane bushings all around
GSR front sway bar
24mm rear sway far

When shopping around I pretty came down with 2 options for 15 x 7 wheels +35 and +40
They both look the same from pictures that I have seen.
Feedback anyone? +35 or +40?
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By TrailerTrash
#361396 post up some pics if you get them :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
By sentientprogram
#6907712 Well'. I can finally give you guys an update with a surprise. I finally decided on a set of wheels and I bought....
Regamaster EVO's 15x6.5 +45

I'm relatively new to wheels so here's the story:
After doing a lot of research I found out that Rota Slipstreams have always been replicas of Regamaster SW388 / EVO wheels, which I never knew since I havent paid attention to the wheel world up until recently.

I decided to go with the authentic JDM ones for a few reasons:
1) Regamasters are forged instead of cast so they are stronger
2) They weight 8.6 lbs (3.88 kilos) compared to Slipstreams (11.9 lbs) so they are 3.3 lbs lighter and that means a lot to me in the long run because Im still running a D15B7 engine so any weight savings I can get helps out with my fuel economy.
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By teal_dx
#6907715 Excellent choice!! That's a total savings of 13 lbs of unsprung weight on a stock civic - enough to notice a difference. When I went from heavy cast aluminum 16" wheels (almost 20 lb each) to lightweight HX wheels (13 lbs each) I definitely noticed the difference. Rotational mass is a big deal on these small cars. :thumb:
By sentientprogram
#6907729 Thanks man. Thats what im hoping to notice once i get tires installed. Im going to do a weight comparison vs the stock oem steelies. I dont know if i want to do video comparison or just a write up.

Photobucket took a dump and all my tutorials i posted are useless now