What fits best, Weights & Sizes
By sentientprogram
#361359 Ok. I have been searching all kinds of threads and I found nothing that tells me about which offset is best. I've seen countless posts showing off their 15 wheels but no one seems to disclose their offset :?

Im looking to buy a set of 15 x 7 slipstreams, with stock height.
I dont want to modify my fenders or use spacers
I dont want to deal with any rubbing

My current set up:

94 Civic EG hatchback
Stock shocks
Stock Height
Polyurethane bushings all around
GSR front sway bar
24mm rear sway far

When shopping around I pretty came down with 2 options for 15 x 7 wheels +35 and +40
They both look the same from pictures that I have seen.
Feedback anyone? +35 or +40?