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By 95c1v1c
#359686 So, I have had an ABS light on the dash since 2010, and I bought an ABS module from another Civic at a junk yard. After 6 years, I finally decided to dive in. I repaired the pump with instructions I found

The problem now is all the air in the ABS system, cause you only use ABS when a skid is detected, and only on certain wheels. I studied the schematics to see if there was a way to bleed the system without handing over my car to the stealership, and here is.

1) Tighten all connections
2) Bleed brakes
3) Charge accumulator by removing pump relay, complete circuit by jumping the 2 wide terminals. Let run until pump starts to struggle a little, probably 6-8 seconds max.

4) Remove large ABS connector, and with the latch at the top, insert terminal connectors in the top left hole (red/blue) and the hole in the middle left (brown/blue).
5) Connect the (red/blue) jumper to the Neg side of battery, connect the (brown/blue) jumper to the Pos side of the battery. This will allow the fluid to release under pressure from the accumulator to the reservoir tank.
6) Once flow stops, remove jumper from battery.

(NOTE) The first time you do this, there is a milky color from the air trapped in the system. Allow the fluid to clear up before proceeding because you want the accumulator to be free of air bubbles.

7) Run pump/bleed cycle 3 more times and charge accumulator and ensure fluid in solenoid is free of air.
8) The next thing to do is to move from the left two terminals to the middle two terminals. You should connect the negative terminal with the (red/black) upper middle wire coming out the back. The positive wire will be connected to the middle right terminal (brown/black).
9) Again, pump/bleed 3 times.
10) Last solenoid to bleed is the right side. Connect negative terminal to the upper right terminal (red/white) and the positive terminal to the middle right terminal (brown/white).
11) Pump/bleed 3 more times.
12) now bleed 1st solenoid 3 times while somebody holds the brake pedal down.
13) repeat for last 2 solenoids.

**please see pictures**

I tested my civic today by slamming on the brakes going over gravel to engage ABS and see if all air was bled out and it worked with no change in brake pedal feel. I checked all wheels separately. Hope this saves a trip to the dealership.
Clip to fit inside terminal
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Solenoid 3
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Solenoid 2
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Solenoid 1
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Jumper for pump operation
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Solenoid Schematic
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