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By modmonte
#6907707 hey guys its late and im trying to get a 22 mm sway bar on my 95 civic dx. Ive got ex lca's, dx subframe, and 22 mm sway bar. For some reason it seems as though i do not have clearance to get the bar up to the subframe. When i go to bolt it to subframe i cant get the brackets close and the bar binds on the lca. Is a spacer of some sort needed?
By modmonte
#6907708 Hey guys been tryin to attach some pics but it says the file is too large, even when i attach one. Does any one have any feedback? Could use a hand.
By modmonte
#6907713 I was told it was off of a 94 eg-ex. Looked factory to me. Before i had it powder coated it measured 21.56 mm. I purchased subframe mounting brackets from the dealership (95 ex), 22 mm es poly bushings, and new hardware.

Has anyone had any experience with installing an ex front bar on a dx subframe? Like i said i got ex lca's and thats all it really mentions on all the forums ive read. Thanks for the interest.
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By teal_dx
#6907716 I'm not sure of the stock rear civic ex sway bar size (I believe only the 4 dr. EX and hatch Si came with factory rear sway bars - not sure which del sol models had one) but I know it's a lot smaller than 22mm. 22mm is an aftermarket size. Progress makes a 22mm rear bar that was pretty common and came with hardware. If the hardware isn't included, that that could be the problem. Also, are you using a rear subframe brace? Subframe tearout is an issue when putting a rear bar on these cars. I'd recommend the ASR brace over the Beaks brace, as it connects to more points on the subframe.
By modmonte
#6907717 Hey Teal,
I appreciate you reaching out and trying to lend me a hand. This is the bar for the front, the rear is fairly straight forward, with my ASR brace. Wish I could figure out how to reduce my image sizes so I could send a few pics over. I've googled up some images and I'm thinking I may need to fabricate some spacers for the D-Brackets to mount to the DX subframe and allow the bar to clear the front LCA.