ECU, Wiring, Sensors
By EG41213929
#343857 Alright, i have a 1994 eg civic which has been sittin in the shed for about 7-8 years, it was imported in 2005 and saw tge road for about 8 months, it has 108,000 km on it and the reason for it goin in the shed as far as i can tell is that the timing belt snapped and bent valves, it had a d15b vtec engine in it and it had a wire tuck done too. Now, i got a d15z8 engine out of a 1997 ek and attempted to switch it over, i did the timing belt, water pump, replaced all the gaskets ( intake, exhaust, rocker cover ) the clutch has now been done as well as the release bearing, i have an obd1 loom in the car, i used obd1 intake, fuel rail, injectors, there was a hondata ecu in it but i picked up a p08 ecu to make sure its gone back to standard, so i put in the d15z8 engine and nearly all plugs matched up, when i turn the key to the on position the starter spins and keeps spinning and if i turn the key to start the car the car starts but the engine shakes alot and will only stay started if i keep the key turned would my best option be to put the obd2 looms, ecu and fuseboards in then re-wire my dash to control the instrunents? All ideas welcome! Car is due for full re-spray in three weeks so wanna have it goin before then! Cheers!
By EG41213929
#343874 Ah not really sure what plugs they are there is one next to the vtec solenoid, there is one under the intake and one coming through the firewall next to the master cylinder... before i go rippin out looms i looked at the fuel pump a few minutes ago and there is a little brown plug on it with three wires comin off it only one of which is connected to anythin the other 2 look like grounds.... without these grounded would the car start but keep tryin to cut out like its doin, with the ground on perhaps it would stay started . ....
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By teal_dx
#343884 We are going to need to know more details to be able to help you like what the plugs go to or what colors the wires on them are. Or maybe some pics. Also if there's a check engine light on while the car is running, that may be telling you if something is not hooked up.
By EG41213929
#343894 The car is purring like a kitten now.... and it seems to have a lsd gearbox. Turned out it was the main relay under the dash and the ground wasnt connected on the fuel pump. Still have a check engine light is still on so i dunno what thats about operating temp is spot on, now for the body work! Cheers for all the help! Anyone interested in the parts off the old engine?