The Team
  • dbrooks

    Douglas (dbrooks)

  • Punksz6

    Omar (punksz6)

    1993 Honda Civic EJ1
  • 94_jdm_ferio

    Aj (AjG20)

    2002 Infinity G20 Sedan
  • andyc

    Andy (andyc)

    92 DX Hatch, my 5th EG. Slow build, funds limited...
  • Apexracing

    Jonathan (Apexracing)

    2003 civic si
  • katie

    Katie (vti93t)

    1993 SI Hatch
  • tim

    Tim (Gorveatt)

    1993 Civic CX Hatch
  • blake

    Blake (GreasedMonkey)

  • pow

    Pow (dogfight)

    Pow loves long walks in the park.
  • chance


  • chrono404

    Brian (chrono404)

    1999 Honda Civic DX Hatch w/ B16a2 Swap and LSD B16 Transmission. 1994 Honda Civic DX Sedan w/ D15b7. 2001 Acura Integra LS Hatch w/ B18b, Auto
  • dirk

    Dirk (ohDirka)

    2007 MkV GTI
  • mike2

    Mike (ChicagoMike)

    EH2, 215whp all motor, Built, Bored, and Stroked B Series.
  • suspendedhatch


    2005 WRX STi Other cars: 1997 Integra GSR, 1994 Accord LX
  • brian

    Brian (teal_dx)

    1992 boosted SOHC Hatch