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By jturner8
#6908982 Hey guys. I'm new to this forum but not new to Hondas. I have a 1995 civic VX hatchback EG3. I have the D15Z1 VTECH-E motor. I have 190,000 on it but max I can get is 45mpg. I'm in California & wanted to swap to a Federal ECU to gain more mpg. I got a 37820-PO7-A00 ECU & installed it in place of my stock 37820-P07-L02 ECU. Will this work? Do I need a different ECU? Do I need to change out the O2 sensor/add/remove a wire? Check engine light came on automatically once I installed the A00 which was expected. Trying to get some more MPG out of this one for a while before I complete gut her & drop in a bigger motor. Looking for a VTECH-E/ VX guru here because I cant seem to find any info on how to do this conversion properly. Thanks everyone!

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By EconoBox
#6908983 I'm not sure what all the differences are. But with a quick glance at the Honda parts catalog the CA and Federal (KA & KL) don't look to be massive. Looks like a different exhaust manifold, catalytic converter, engine harness, and oxygen sensor.

I think you are on the right path with the idea of changing the O2 sensor and rewiring it. Or grab a federal engine harness and slap it in the chassis harness is the same part number between the KA & KL 1995 VX hatchback.