D15, D16, D17 and Mini-Me swaps
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By rusty_eg3
#6908924 Hello everyone! When I adjusted the valve lash on my d15b2 I noticed that the camshaft was showing pronounced wear so I called a friend that had a b7 camshaft laying around his shop. I installed that camshaft on my b2 without knowing that the two engines are timed differently. You can guess what happened, the timing could not be set properly and the car was undriveable because of how LOUD it detonated.

This brings me to my question. The car sat parked for like a week until my VMS cam gear arrived. I installed the cam gear and a friend helped me set the timing because I dont't really know that much. It still detonates now, after playing a lot with the ignition timing,but now it's almost inaudible and the car can be driven around the city and even on the highway without making it detonate. I just have to go easy on the throttle.

My guess is that the dual point injection just doesn't give enough gas to compensate for the extra air that gets sucked in the engine.

Is there anything that I could do to eliminate the detonation besides swapping to multipoint injection? (the swap will be done at some point, no doubt) I already use 98 octane gas but it doesn't help much.
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By EconoBox
#6908925 The B2 and B7 camshafts are nearly identical. I would double check your install and verify your timing is set correctly with a timing light. Installing a D15B7 camshaft in your D15B2 should not be causing any of these issues.