and Alaska too!
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By Fada Blayne
#327119 Im driving to Brampton in August :hehe:
By ktang
#332193 I'm in Calgary. 1995 Honda Civic Hatchback CX. Replaced the head gasket on its D15B7 engine last year with this forum's help. Use D&R to resurface a head that I picked up from Pick-N-Pull.
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By Dr.D
#338801 New hatch owner in Kelowna B.C. central okanogan!
By crankinstein
#343859 New to Civics, new to the site.

Just picked up my first 5th Gen CX, living in the Kawartha Lakes area of Ontario.

Looking for summer wheels.

Hello lol
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By MBoylan
#345610 New hatch owner from Penticton, BC!

Finally found myself a little teal hatchback! Pretty excited to build this sucker up. :)
By Darrell93
#349068 Live in Prince Edward Island. Own a 93 hatch currently doing body over and building a built turbo d16 shooting for300 hp.