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By teal_dx
#2900 6th Gear Advertising covers all categories required to make your business stand out among the crowd:
Website design & construction
Printed literature & business cards
T-shirt design
and More

Although a good portion of 6th Gear Advertising's portfolio is automotive related, we welcome clients of all types- from pizza to furniture.
We are based in Akron, OH. 6th Gear Advertising's rates are competitively priced to welcome small business owners needing a logo or basic website; to large corporations needing mass literature or major e-commerce sites.

6th Gear Advertising takes on projects of all subject, shape and size!
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By vtec_gloucester
#2914 how much to design a decent website so i can sell my stickers and decals?

ive been meaning to sort one out for a while so i can start to advertise it more.