"Well lad, many Irish owners on this site do ya know!"
- ejf204
By sir chap
#141601 whats up lads on now to this sir chap off dtd if any of u.s know me
By lenno
#152131 lenno im on all forums with same name and eg civic meet FTW irelands a wash with egs
By pa--dman
#176021 im from tipp , have a 1.5 vtec eg :thumb:
By ire-eg
#231494 westmeath. eg3 project underway b16a hks turbo :)

Had a silver and purple eg6 in modified motors last year aswel
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By Dontothefloor
#245493 Don From Donegal.

Rockin a Satin Blue Eg3 with D14 Boxy Engine and s20 box. :)

Stance: 60mm low on koni red shock and spring rear and 40's up front with ractive box and SiR 4:1 manifold

My 3rd Eg3.. gotta love the hatchies!

Mint little runner. need to get bits and pieces together to make it just right on a tight budget. We gotta get more irish interest lads! ;)
By D&G
#246547 grainne from dublin :thumb:

on honda haven, after dark cruisers, and irish cruisers as D&G
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By Robbys89
#251832 Robby from Dublin, North Dublin Rep on Honda-Haven :thumb:
By coupevti
#256241 well hows she cuttin !! im from the north county armagh !! any meets planned ?? drive a black coupe !
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By Spunky69
#265114 Alri lads i own a coupe but is in no state to drive atm :L but would love to go to a meet up or watever any planned??
By Low_Life
#285380 hey folks :) recognise some of the usernames from hh :)
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By SirJayDM
#292569 I am also here from laois drive del sol and eg hatch
Glad to c a pick up and thanks teal I was one of them requesties on
My last account :thumb:
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By hondamonstercrew
#310367 story lads im here anoder irish member has joined :thumb: