Questions and topics relating to Right Hand Drive parts and conversions.
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By Simmons
marlin wrote:how do u post a pix?

You got pm :thumb:
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By kapow
#248468 I would swap my RHD EG4 for the same model in LHD if anyone in the US was interested, of course you organise shipping etc
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By gtstripes
#248771 why would u want that haha, is it even legan in NSW to have a LHD? and what about engine swaps?
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marlin wrote:guys we going round in circles....(scuse the pun) why dont we with RHD EG's swop with LHD EG's! see everybody happy!
im bets! i got a 95 EG ballade Red RHD with a D16y8 stock as a virgin!
whats on offer for the red RHD....oh might i add she also has full leather seats (factory option) 1 owner!

no thanks, will never drive a lhd car...masturbating with the left hand feels better than with the right hand :thumb: , i mean gear changing :roll:
By coupevti
#256334 i live in northern ireland all cars over here are RHD accept for the american imports of the foreigners cars which i might add they come over here from europe and drive with no tax insurance and mot but i have 2 say there are ones that go legit
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gtstripes wrote:why would u want that haha, is it even legan in NSW to have a LHD? and what about engine swaps?
ill send you my 93 dx usdm hatch but im keeping my motor and buddy club n+ dampers
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By omerdragoon
#331235 got only RHD here in pakistan
By HeikDiesel
gee-aye-dee wrote:so why do americans want rhd anyways

In a world of probably the most modified car on the road it's a nice way to set yours apart.
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By Neteru1
#331599 we got them in trinidad ...that Eg9 jdm them :thumb:
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By Neteru1
#331601 The Original with four bucket seats and rear windshield wiper...ill post some pics of mine some time
#338305 In the us we decided to go lhd shortly after liberation. Kind of a big middle finger to the brits for the tyranny. It's like a kid you tell them yo do it this way and they'll go out and do it the opposite way. Honestly driving Rhd isn't that bad here in Texas and you do see the occasional candian delivered Skyline from time to time a buddy of my down the way has one.