Unfortunately, this is a risk of owning a Civic. All stolen vehicles should be posted here.
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By Brahim-0
#198752 dang that sucks, yeah im from so cal like every week you here of someones car getting stolen. im considering getting a kill switch
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By boos-tit
OleFolk wrote: cops always help......

lmao. keep dreakin dude.

im just glad i live in a small town in new york. fuck tht socal shit. not even worth building a car there.
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By chilango41
#201563 I just have to say it.
You cant even go watch a movie with out asking yourself if your going to find your car outside when you come out.
By cjw_89
Gorveatt wrote:another one gone, guy on eghatchback.com had his stolen the other day

PIC APEX coilovers
14" OZ mesh wheels
GSR blades
JDM b16a .. grey valve cover, BLOX manifold
Spoon rear strut bar, Neuspeed front strut bar
JDM SIR duckbill -- primer white
Delsol Seats.. Grey stripe, small tear on driver bolster



off topic and all but what are those rims off.This makes me nervous to move to the city.All thieves should be strung up! ALLLL
By 89ef
#233152 do what obama said if u want to prevent car thieves "PAINT YOUR CAR YELLOW" :woot: :oops:
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By 94EJ2
#236040 cars dont really get stolen around where i live beyond drunk stupid college kids joy riding but thats a good 60 miles west or 100 or so east but im still looking into a disabling alarm system
By Sincere
OleFolk wrote:
Bouli wrote:if i park my car somewhere for a long time...then i always plug out my ECU and take it with me 8)

No alarm can do that...

this would prevent the car from starting.. Thats amazing great idea.

also accords tegs and civics are on the list

http://editorial.autos.msn.com/slidesho ... id=1085873

Not really because most people that steal hondas come prepared with an ecu, steelies, and steering wheels, or fuse just in case you try to take that out
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By Jayryan
#238387 i just said id drop a line to say that we in ireland feel your pain even though we may not seem to have a big country we defo got big cars on average in around my local county i hear about at least one stolen a week and i also know a guy that got caught stealing them and he seriously did not try it again way i see it around ireland cops dont give shit bout us cuz we speed .so the cops dont help us guess some guys just lose it when they lose their cars

I also heard unfortunately that a local company <cant say who> was stealing k20s and b16s and then fitting and selling them themselves!!