Unfortunately, this is a risk of owning a Civic. All stolen vehicles should be posted here.
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By wnos100shot
#32155 Sent to me from Bisi owner of www.Bisimoto.com .. Death to all theives! This crap has to stop. Work for your shit thieves!

+++Bisimoto '94 Del Sol: STOLEN; HELP!!+++

Body: After coming back from the Norm Reeves car show today, I noticed that my Blue 1994 Honda Del Sol with black 16" CP-F wheels and custom prototype black muffler'exhaust system was stolen from my residence, in Hacienda Heights.

The vehicle has a full road race suspension, JDM fromt lip, and HIDs.

In the trunk were a few of my new V2 B-series headers that were still in an semi-finished state.

Any information on this is highly appreciated, and I am willing to provide a pleasant reward to any information that would lead to a recovery of this vehicle and the contained parts.

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By solbrothers
#35646 wow that's pretty unfortunate. that's a risk one takes when they drive a honda.

<------ del sol was stolen earlier this year.
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#41495 Dead thread.