Unfortunately, this is a risk of owning a Civic. All stolen vehicles should be posted here.
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By BurqueB16
#283284 *** so the civic was stolen this past wednesday :x , which happened to be the same day i was going to be heading out of town to visit family for thanksgiving. And the kicker is i think i know who stole it, someone in my apartment complex was asking about it and he didn't seem like he was in a position to buy it. the only reason someone would steal it is for the engine and it didnt run so they had to have towed it out of my apartment complex. which takes some knowledge of both the car and the apartments, so ya had to file a police report instead of getting on a plane. and now i am trolling craigslist, but if anyone sees a b16 for sale or a java black pearl civic shell around oregon i would be forever grateful for the info. O yeah and thieves can DIE :x :evil: ***
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By Ajax1989
#283314 oh wow sorry for your loss man :(
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By 95cpeEX
#283320 post some pictures so we know what we're looking for
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By 1ACarlos
#283408 Sorry to hear that. Hope you find it
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By aimotax
#286508 dang man, I live in the portland area. Any updates
By jdmdomo
#287854 im sorry to hear that .. bro .. good luck ..
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By dbrooks
#287856 I'm always on Portland CL. I'll keep an eye out for sure.